The Macgregor Family

Over the next couple months, I’m going to talk about the many families that inhabit the hamlet of Sunnyville.  We’ve met Rusty’s family and we’ve met Sam Macgregor.  So how about we meet the family?  Gather round, curious readers.  I’ll introduce you.

The Macgregors are a typical family living in the town of Sunnyville.  They consist of a father, Thompson Macgregor; a mother named Crystal Macgregor; and a total of five children, one of which has left home to go out into the world.

Thompson Macgregor

Thompson is a second generation resident of Sunnyville.  He’s descended from a pair of Scot-Irish immigrants who came to the town years ago from Northern Ireland.  Thompson works at the Terrific Furniture Company, a factory outside of town, as a sales executive.  (Rusty’s father, Al, also works there in the supply department.)  This is the rough concept of the character BTW – the final version that appeared in episode one is different.Crystal Macgregor

Crystal is a typical stay-at-home mother and spends her day cleaning the house, cooking meals, and of course, taking care of her children.  Besides her two teenage daughters and her young son, she has her hands full with her new baby, Anna.  Both Thompson and Crystal are well known in town and when out and about, they’ll frequently chat with many of the other families in town such as the Loutrons and the Talbots.  Designing Sam’s mom was a challenge.  I had to make it look like they were related yet I couldn’t make it look like they were sisters.  In the end, I used a similar yet unique fur pattern for Sam’s mom.

Rolf Macgregor is the eldest of the children.  He’s twenty two years old and no longer lives at home.  He moved out a year before the start of the series (prior to Episode 1, Beginnings).  He currently lives in Sunnyville’s sister town, the seaside resort town of Solton, where he works as an auto detailer.  Rolf is mentioned in episode 1 but will not be appearing until episode 4 (at the time of this writing, the script for that one is nearly completed).  I also do not yet have an image for him as I’m still working out concepts for the character.

Margaret and Jason Macgregor

Margaret is the second oldest, aged sixteen.  She frequently helps her mom around the house and takes care of her younger siblings, but much like any other teenage girl, she’d rather be out with her friends.  Her best friend is Magnolia, the eldest daughter of the Talbots, who operate the general store.  You might notice the above image has a different wardrobe presented for Margaret.  I was still working out the clothing for the characters and after Tom Hart suggested sticking to dresses for females in my universe, I constructed a “beta” version of Margaret, pictured below.

Margaret Beta Version

Next is Sam, aged fourteen.  Of course, if you want the lowdown on her, refer back to the post on her earlier in this blog.  Then we have little Jason Macgregor, aged ten.  He’s well nurtured.  Besides a stay-at-home mother, he also has two big sisters to take care of him.  Jason will also tag along with Rusty and Sam on some of their escapades…and let me tell you, they will have some adventures.  But I’d better not get ahead of myself.  On another note, Jason has a good relationship with his older sisters.  This was meant as yet another counterpoint in Sunnyville Stories to many of the other popular media out there that have the siblings constantly being at each other’s throats.

Baby Anna Macgregor

Last, but definitely not least, we have the newest addition to the Macgregor family…little Anna Macgregor.  This female kitten is usually seen being held by her mom or her pop.  Her older sisters are always around to take care of her too.  Of course when anyone who’s not family tries to hold her, she’ll start crying…that is, except for Rusty.  For some reason, she seems to like being held by Rusty.

Well, that’s it for this week.  I hope you enjoyed the artwork and this look into the Macgregor household.  Next week, we’ll meet the family running the town’s general store.  So until then, bye bye!

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