Further Confusion 2011

Hello, everyone.  Welcome back to the Sunnyville blog.  This past weekend has been quite memorable for me.  I went to San Jose, California to attend an event called Further Confusion 2011.  The purpose of my trip there was to network and promote myself.  So what sort of event was this?  It’s what would be known as a “furry” convention.

Fursuiter 1Furries would be considered people who are fans of anthropomorphic animals such as many of the classic animation characters (Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, etc).  For a more detailed examination of who these people are and what they are into, I’d refer you to the Greywolf Furry FAQ.  Some, like in the above photo, take it even further and wear animal costumes of creatures they identify with.  There were no shortage of these people in and around FC.

Fairmont San Jose HotelThe event took place at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel.  The hotel was quite nice and had spacious rooms and a helpful staff.

The aim of this post and the post I’ll be doing next Wednesday is to show all of you out there the events I go to for networking.  Comic book conventions are just one of them and since Sunnyville has an all anthropomorphic animal cast, why not pass out business cards and show my work here?  If you’re not familiar with the basics of networking, you probably will want to refer back to my earlier post on the subject.  This blog post however will be more of a collection of the photos I snapped of the surrounding area and of the people who attended FC.  These were the people I met and chatted with to promote my work.

Fursuiters 2More fursuiters

Fursuiter 4

Some of these suits were very impressive and well-designed.

Fursuiters 5

Duncan Roo

That green kangaroo was known as Duncan Roo.

Bird fursuiters

Female fursuiter

Next Wednesday, I’ll have some more photos up and tell of how I promote the Sunnyville comics.  Oh, yes…that reminds me…

Jack in the Box at San Jose

…I did indeed get my chance to eat at Jack in the Box!

See you next Wednesday with more photos.  Don’t forget to sign up for subscriptions through email and RSS, buy a copy of the Sunnyville comic and go shopping for Sunnyville prints too!

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