I-Con 2011

This past weekend was a very fun one for me.  I attended I-CON, a science fiction convention held in New York every year.  The event bills itself as the largest sci fi convention in all of the northeastern USA.  While I did enjoy myself, I was also there on business.  I made sure I networked with others and collected business cards.  (Refer back to my post on networking on why it’s important.)

I-CON costumesThere were no shortage of people in costumes at I-CON.  Many science fiction and fantasy themed outfits were present as were many from comics, movies, anime, and video games as well.  These people certainly liked having their pictures taken.

Harley Quinn at I-Con











The next photos were taken of stuffed animal displays in the Earth and Space Sciences building at Stony Brook.  I did some panel discussions in that building and those displays were just begging to have pictures taken.

Stuffed birds









All in all, I-CON was a smashing success for me.  I had a great time, I met lots of people, handed out nearly all my business cards, did some panel discussions, and even bought a few things.  Oh yes…anyone who’s passing by or through Stony Brook, New York should definitely eat at the Lake Grove Diner on Nesconset Highway.  The food is excellent (especially the chocolate layer cake) and it’s open 24 hours a day.  Need I say more?

On that note, let’s close out with this video footage I took in the dealer room.  Till next time, Sunnyville readers!


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