Live Blogging From Furfright 2011

Good day, my loyal fans.  It’s your favorite comics creator, Max West, here with some cool news.  Now that my trip to New Hampshire is out of the way, I can concentrate on what may also be the biggest weekend of this year.  I will be appearing at yet another anthropomorphics convention, Furfright 2011, which is scheduled for this weekend, October 14, 15, and 16, over in Cromwell, Connecticut.  This time though, I will not be merely strolling around the convention grounds…I WILL BE SELLING MY COMICS THERE!

Yes, I will be selling copies of Sunnyville Stories along with art prints there at Furfright 2011.  I will also be taking private commissions at this event and only at this event at present.

Furfright will be taking place at the Crowne Plaza Cromwell at 100 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT.  This is a cool hotel complete with a swimming pool, a restaurant, and very big ballrooms.  Be sure to check out the event.  There’ll be all kinds of things going on from the dealer room to the artist alley to games of all kinds.  Check out the events list for more info.

Ka-Blam OrderI already managed to get a nice order in from the nice people at Ka-Blam for my comics.  I’ll be selling copies of Sunnyville Stories episode 2, episode 3, and episode 4 in addition to the Sunnyville Sketchbook.

There’s going to be a slight snag however.  I will probably NOT have Sunnyville Stories episode 5 available in time for Furfright 2011.  

The same weekend of Furfright also happens to be the exact same weekend that the New York Comic Con is being held!  Ka-Blam is backlogged with orders for that event so I probably won’t be getting those comics.  Oh well.

Sunnyville merchandiseBe sure to stop by my table.  Chat with me, buy my comics, pick up a few prints and perhaps commission me for some cool artwork.

What I really wanted to tell you about was how I’ll be doing blogging LIVE from the grounds of Furfright 2011.  Each day, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I’ll be doing actual blog posts about each day of the con.  I’ll share photos, talk to you about the neat people I met, and share all my experiences with you.

Strategically speaking, this convention and live blogging is very important to me.  This will be the second test market for my work right after Anthrocon 2011.  I want to see how well my product sells and I have to work on my marketing skills.  Luckily, I’ve been practicing my sales pitch these last few days.

So be sure to come down to Cromwell, CT this weekend.  Meet me, buy Sunnyville Stories comics and have lots of fun at Furfright 2011!

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