Rusty Profile and Sam Profile Prints

I plan to have a video log up on Wednesday.  Anyway, I’m getting ready for Furfright 2011.  I’ll be selling comics and art prints there.  This will be an important test market for my work to see how well it can sell.  My experience at Anthrocon 2011 was beneficial, but I need some more test marketing.

Rusty Profile

"Rusty Profile", Gouache and ink on 8x8 in. Aquabord

I’ve been doing a few more paintings to turn int prints to sell over on my DeviantArt prints store.

This piece here is a headshot of Rusty and is obviously titled “Rusty Profile”.  I’ve been using Aquabord, a special kind of wooden board made for watercolors and other style of water-soluble paint (gouache, acrylic, etc).  Anyway, Rusty was painted with a neutral gray paint.  I feared it wouldn’t dry to the correct shade but it did.

My paints of choice are Holbein brand Acryla Gouache and Derwent brand Inktense pencils.  

The “Rusty Profile” piece is available as a print through DeviantArt.  You can get it as a fine art, canvas, or photo print.  It’s also available as a magnet, postcard, and greeting card.

Sam Profile

"Sam Profile", Gouache and ink on 8x8 in. Aquabord

This second piece is a headshot of the other star of my comic.  It’s Sam of course.  This was done also on Aquabord with Holbein Acryla gouache, colored inks, and india ink applied with a Speedball A5 nib.

You can also get this print  over on DeviantArt.

If you’d rather get prints from me in person, then come down to Furfright on October 14-16.  I’ll be there the whole weekend.

On another note, I prefer using traditional media like paints and inks.  It seems that those are being used less and less in this increasingly digital age.

Until next time, friends.

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