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Your humble comics creator has returned from his trip to the Queen City – the nickname for Manchester, New Hampshire.  As I said, my main purpose in going here was to learn about the city and scout it out as a potential base of operations for my comics-making enterprise. According to my sources, Manchester ranks high on the list of best places to start a small business (according to and is said to be a cheap place to live. When you factor in how the state of New Hampshire itself has no sales tax AND no personal income tax, this state really can be a great place to start a business!

Double Midnight Comics

Double Midnight Comics

One of my main destinations was Double Midnight Comics, one of the city’s primary comics retailers.  Located at 245 Maple Street, this place deals in comics and other novelties such as action figures and games.  Owned and operated by the remarkable Chris and Scott Proulx, this store was definitely hopping with activity when I entered.  I briefly introduced myself, talked about my work and my interest in relocating to the tax-friendly city of Manchester, New Hampshire.  

I had wanted to stay and chat some more, but the friendly staff had many eager kids and teens there purchasing Magic the Gathering and Yugioh cards for some gaming going on. I didn’t want to keep them from doing their jobs so I went on my way. In a way, it reminds me of what I’ll be dealing with when I eventually go into business for myself.

Double Midnight Comics is also behind New Hampshire’s primary (and only) comics convention known as GraniteCon.  Taking place back in May of 2011 in Manchester, I definitely would like to partake in this event for 2012.

Red Arrow DinerI browsed the city some more.  It’s twice as big as the state capitol of Concord which I visited last month.  Plus I got to stop and eat at the Red Arrow Diner.  This place is famous for having many celebrities eat there, especially Adam Sandler.  The food there is impressive.  Make sure you try the famous chicken rice soup.  It is savory with generous helpings of rice, chicken, celery, and big chunks of carrots.

I’m impressed with Manchester, New Hampshire.  Hands down, it has all the resources I’d need to launch my comics-making operation.  Plus, Double Midnight Comics looks like a great store to network with and promote my work.  I’ll need to think things over some more though before making concrete plans.

In the meantime, if you’re going to be visiting Manchester, New Hampshire, be sure to stop in to Double Midnight Comics.

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