Volume 1 Promotional Art

Today, I thought I’d share a few pieces of artwork with you.  These are for a trailer I’m putting together to promote the pending release of the first volume of my planned Sunnyville Stories trade paperback in the summer.

The trailer itself will be a montage.  There’ll be still images of Samantha Macgregor, the heroine of our story, set to music and with text as well. I’ll show you some of the Sunnyville Stories volume 1 promotional art that will be appearing in said montage.

Sam in Gray

"Sam in Gray", mixed media on paper, 7x10 in.

This is a painting I did using mixed media called “Sam in Gray”.  

Prints of this are available for purchase on my DeviantArt page.  Anyway, I used pencil and diluted inks with water-soluble graphite to produce a nice contrast of gray values here.  It’s reminiscent of a Japanese ink painting, isn’t it?  This will be the first piece in the Sunnyville Stories volume 1 promotional art montage.  I’ve got a few more pencil sketches that will also be in the trailer.

Sam and Magnolia

The photo of the drawing seen here is meant to show Sam going about her daily routine in Sunnyville.  Here, she’s shopping in the general store 0 owned and operated by the Talbots.

The purpose of this image is to show that Samantha gets along with everyone.  The trailer, I might add, is also set just before Rusty’s arrival in town.  It’s meant to show that Sam is someone with a life before she met Rusty.  This helps to establish that…well, it’s as if she’s a real living being like you and me rather than some character in a fictitious work.

Sam the babysitter

This sketch you see here is also meant to establish Sam as a nurturer.  She’s a popular babysitter.  Many moms in town are rushing to hire her any time they need their children looked after.

I think this is a particularly cute scene and in the further stories I’ll be doing in the future, I’ll reveal more and more of Sam’s warm and loving disposition.

Well, I hope you enjoy these images.  I’ll put these together with some other neat sketches I’m doing into that aforementioned montage.  This trailer containing Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 promotional art will definitely get some attention.

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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