MoCCA Festival 2012, Day 1

What a day I have had at the MoCCA Festival 2012. The event seemed…bigger than it was last year. I felt overwhelmed for a bit.

MoCCA Festival 2012 photo 1

Plenty was going on here at MoCCA Festival 2012. I stopped by the table operated by Lush Comics and chatted with them for a bit. I assured them that I will put more of my comics up on their site. Speaking of which, don’t forget that the second episode of Sunnyville Stories is available through Lush Comics for IPad and Android platforms, so go grab a copy right now.

MoCCA Festival Indie Publishing panel

I checked out two of the panels held at MoCCA Festival 2012. One of them was hosted by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and all about censorship. Pictured here was the following panel about small-press publishing. This provided quite a bit of insight into the challenges I’ll face when I start publishing my own comics soon enough (there’s been a slight change of plans with that, but I’ll discuss that in a special post).

I met a number of other people there and even bought a few things. Matt Madden and Jessica Abel were there (I reviewed their book recently) and they had a preview of the companion volume to that book too. (At the time of this writing, it won’t be available for sale for at least another week.) I also met Simon Reinhardt whom I bought a comic from titled “Win Some, Lose Some.” I was won over because there was an actual playing card on the cover! I also visited the table run by where I was convinced to browse their table and I even bought a title! I purchased a copy of Casey the Pillow Fighter by Gary Cohen and Louie Chin.

Also present at MoCCA Festival 2012 was the Joe Kubert School of New Jersey (dedicated to those who want to learn how to make comics) and the Society of Illustrators.

MoCCA Festival 2012 Photo 2

So far, this was a very fun day for me. I expect to meet more people tomorrow and put up another post about how fantastic MoCCA Festival 2012 is. There’ll be video too. So stay tuned for more.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to the RSS feed or through email. Anyone else here attend MoCCA Festival 2012? Share your comments or anecdotes here!

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