Donna Mason

Today, we’ll meet another inhabitant of one of the many residents of the hamlet of Sunnyville. It’s a sweet lady who is one of the teachers at Sunnyville High School and her name is Donna Mason.

Donna Mason

Donna Mason is a music teacher at Sunnyville High School. She studied the humanities while in high school and college, but music is her primary discipline.

Besides music, she has had experience as an actress and is also in charge of the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club. This will be a plot point for episode 6 of Sunnyville Stories in which Ms. Mason has her students put on a play in honor of the town’s birthday. (On another note, Sunnyville Stories episode 6 “Squeeze Play” will be put into production just after Anthrocon 2012.)

Donna Mason had quite a childhood. Her parents died at an early age. Both Donna and her older brother were raised by their grandparents and were taught the family skill of music from an early age. Donna is trained in playing both classical guitar and classical piano. This allowed her to excel through college when she decided to become a music teacher. In spite of her skill and college education, the local school board was reluctant to hire someone so young to fill the position of music teacher when the previous one retired. But they did. Remember that – this will also be an important plot point in episode 6.

Donna Mason is also quite attractive. More than a few students are infatuated with her and some of the young men in the community have tried courting her. But nobody around here seems to interest Donna.

In contrast to many of the women of Sunnyville (especially the mothers), she’s not opposed to listening to rock or electronic music. She actually enjoys it!

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