The Hauptmanns

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a blog post about one of the families living in Sunnyville. In fact, I introduced one in episode 5 of Sunnyville Stories (still available from Indy Planet). This family made their first appearance…or should I say, a lack thereof. I’m talking about the Hauptmann family.

Mrs. Hauptmann's Debut

The Debut of Mrs. Hauptmann

They first appeared in episode 5 of Sunnyville Stories (“Dance Hall Days”). If you didn’t get a copy…shame on you. Go buy one right now. Anyway, this snippet from page 11 of the story introduces Mrs. Hauptmann as being Rusty’s neighbor. Specifically, she and her family live across the street from the Duncans. So why has Mrs. Hauptmann not been shown?

Mrs. Hauptmann

Mrs. Hauptmann

She won’t be and never will! Mrs. Hauptmann is an unseen character. The inspiration for this character was actually my favorite from the 1980s Jim Henson production, Fraggle Rock, who was also an unseen character, Ned Shimmelfinney. Basically, Mrs. Hauptmann and her family will never appear in the flesh, but will frequently be mentioned and referred to by Rusty and his parents. What Mrs. Hauptmann looks like is going to be left up to the readers’ imagination.

Mrs. Hauptmann’s first name is Jessica and she is a squirrel. She lives across the street from Rusty. Jessica Hauptmann is happily married to a computer programmer named Frank. She’s also a mom of two small boys, Kevin and Allan. She gets along well with both Rusty and his father. Rusty’s mom however is another story. The two sometimes have quarrels. In fact, I’m developing a subplot for the tenth episode of Sunnyville (which we won’t see until at least 2013, maybe 2014) where Nancy and Mrs. Hauptmann get into a war where they play practical jokes on each other.

The Hauptmann family also happens to be one of the few families in town that own a below-ground swimming pool. This will be a plot device perhaps in a future story. Mrs. Hauptmann will sometimes sneak away from her housework to go for a swim in the pool. Rusty just might spy on her while she’s doing this because Mrs. Hauptmann likes to wear a two-piece bikini. This implies she must be physically attractive. Perhaps, Rusty and a co-conspirator may even sneak over to the Hauptmann house when nobody is around to make use of the pool. Hey, it’s a small town and they see no need to put up a fence around the pool.

Stay tuned to future episode of Sunnyville Stories. I guarantee we’ll be seeing…er, I mean, hearing more about the Hauptmann family as the saga unfolds. Don’t forget to subscribe via RSS feed or email if you haven’t already. As always, comments and questions are always welcome.

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