Anthrocon 2012, Day 1

Today could be a day some of you might call “the calm before the storm”. My roommate, Steven Martin, had yet to arrive and at the time that this blog post is going live, he still hasn’t arrived. When the day started out, Pittsburgh itself was already busy. This is a weekday so much of the city was on its way to work then. In the meantime, many people were on their way to Anthrocon 2012.


That video was taken quite early today. This room in the Westin Hotel, known as the “Zoo”, wasn’t really active.

At present, I’ve gotten my badge for the event. I’ve also been meeting people, passing out business cards and even gave out fliers for Sunnyville Stories. People arrived and will continue to arrive throughout the day. Already, plenty of fursuiters were here.

Anthrocon 2012 fursuiter

Anthrocon 2012 fursuiter 2

Anthrocon 2012 fursuiter 3

Quite a crowd they’ve got so far, isn’t it? Anyway, this event is already shaping up to be huge. If you don’t believe me, maybe you should take a look at this.

Anthrocon 2012 dealer room setting up

Those of you who remember my post on last year’s Anthrocon will probably notice something different. The room is MUCH bigger than last year. Last year, the dealer room, artist alley, and art show occupied this vast chamber. Now, the whole dealer room takes up this space. The art show and artist alley has moved over to an adjoining room. I’ll have more photos for you tomorrow.

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