Anthrocon 2012, Day 4

The last day of Anthrocon 2012 has come and gone. Most of this morning was spent making personal purchases for myself.

As for my pieces in the art show, none of them sold. In spite of timed tweets and my evangelists stumping for me, they did not sell. The mechanics of the Anthrocon art show are still a puzzle for me – many quality works don’t sell and a number of reasonably priced pieces don’t sell either. Nevertheless, I’m not daunted and am already thinking up ideas for next year.

As for the Sunnyville Stories comics, they sold pretty well. People bought them and I had some more fans tell me how much they like my work.

M&T Comics and Cards at Anthrocon 2012

Towards the close of the dealer room, I talked with Mike and Lia of M&T Comics about them taking copies of Sunnyville stories episode 5 off my hands. They did. Incidentally, I’ll be doing a blog post about them in the future. They’re a neat mail-order company stocking quality products.

I also chatted for awhile with the people at Ringtail Cafe about the indie comics scene and the challenges we’re facing. So, how about some more photos?

Random dog fursuiter

Scenes from Anthrocon dealer room

And look who else showed up from Ponyville…

DJ Pon3 fursuit

It’s DJ Pon3 from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

Overall, I did enjoy Anthrocon 2012. I’ll have a full wrapup tomorrow on the event as I head home and how it has affected both myself and Sunnyville Stories.

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