Four Good Places to Eat at Anthrocon 2012

Anthrocon 2012 is less than two weeks away at the time of this writing. I’m definitely looking forward to it and as a reminder, I am going to be blogging live from the event.

I can’t network, display my work in the art show, or tell everyone how great Sunnyville Stories is if I’m weak with hunger. So in this week’s blog post, it’s a special one for those of you hitting the Steel City for the big event. And now, without further ado, here are four good places to eat at Anthrocon 2012!

Primanti Brothers Sandwich

1. Primanti Brothers – Located at 46 18th Street in the Strip District, this Primanti Brothers location is the original. Here, you can sample the local sandwich. Just as Philadelphia has the cheesesteak and Buffalo, NY has the beef on weck, the special sandwich of Pittsburgh can be found at Primanti Brothers. But here, don’t bother asking for a side of french fries and cole slaw. They actually put it INTO the sandwich! Oh, did I mention this location is open 24/7?

2. Golden Palace Buffet – Located at 647 Smithfield Street, this Chinese restaurant has a decent selection of Chinese food at its buffet, albeit a bit smaller than other places you may be used to. But the usual selection of soups, rice, egg rolls, boneless ribs, and General Tso’s chicken provides good eats.

3. Sushi Kim – This Korean BBQ and Japanese restaurant is also in the Strip District, a stone’s throw from the aforementioned Primanti Brothers. I’ve eaten here each and every year while attending Anthrocon 2012. It DOES NOT disappoint. A surefire sign that this place is good is that during the course of the convention, it’s usually packed with furries and other con attendees. You can get a good selection of sushi here and sample some savory Korean barbecue. Sushi Kim has a barbecue buffet available Friday and Saturday nights. A word of warning if you go to eat on a Monday: the kitchen closes for dinner, leaving you only with sushi as an option.

4. Kwik-E-Mart – This place is a simple convenience store at 212 10th Street, right across the street from the main Anthrocon hotel, the Westin, and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Named for the famous store from the Simpsons, this place fits the bill if you need a quick snack or something to wet your whistle like a water, soda, or energy drink.

Check out the Anthrocon 2012 Dining Guide for a full selection of what’s in the area.

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