Report on Small Press Expo 2012

The Small Press Expo 2012 was quite an event.  The place was packed and the lines to get in were very long.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at this video.


And that was just ONE line.  There was a second line for admissions too.  This may be the “Small Press Expo” but it was larger than life – literally!  

Anyway, the number of vendors and their wares really were astounding this year.

Among those I visited were Garth Cameron Graham (I bought a print and a bookmark from him), Cathy Leamy, Eric Leland, Suzanne Baumann, and Jason Viola (creator of Herman the Manatee).

I met many more, but I’ll discuss them in another blog post tomorrow.  Another notable individual was Steve Conley.  Conley is the creator of Bloop and is going to put out his first graphic novel.  In the meantime, he has a Kickstarter going on to fund it.  So make sure you stop by there to help him out.


I’ll have another post up tomorrow on SPX 2012.

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