Empire Books of Greensboro

Welcome back, loyal readers.  I’ve continued to scout out my new neighborhood to meet people and see what’s out there.  I’ve found quite a few places that can provide me with the resources I need and others who may be willing to carry my products.  Earlier, we learned about Parts Unknown and the intrepid John Hitchcock who operates the store.  A few days ago, almost by accident, I came across another neat place.

Empire Books

This place I nearly missed because it’s slightly off the beaten path. The main entrance is located by a parking lot rather than on the main road known as Spring Garden Street.

Anyway, this place is called Empire Books and is located at 1827 B Spring Garden Street in Greensboro, not far from the campus of the University of North Carolina Greensboro. 

Empire Books is owned and operated by Mark Wingfield, an industrious gentleman hailing from West Virginia.  We talked for quite a bit and I learned he also spent quite a bit of time in Pittsburgh.  (I told him how I visited the city, namely for Anthrocon.)

Empire Books interior 1

Empire Books interior 2

Empire Books is a very well-stocked store. Mark explained that a lot of these books came from a wide variety of book sales and estate sales over the years.  He’ll also pay for quality used books – so if you have anything, be sure to pay a visit to his shop.

Oh yes…one more thing.

Empire Books comics section

Empire Books does stock comics. There’s graphic novels and trade paperbacks from the mainstream companies as well as independent titles and manga. Check back from time to time as merchandise comes and goes. You never know what you may find here. I’m definitely planning to approach this store about carrying Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 and my other works.

Empire Books is a remarkable book store and is definitely worth visiting.  If you’re ever in the College Hill neighborhood of Greensboro, North Carolina, be sure to swing by Empire Books and say hello to Mark Wingfield.  Be sure to buy from his shop as well.  Tell him that Max West sent you.

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