Working on Sunnyville Number 7

Work continues on Sunnyville Stories episode 7 “By Any Other Name”.  Now that I’m working full-time at my own pace, I’m working at a quick pace.  I’m already well into inking the story.  Plus I have a cover ready (thanks to the many paintings I’ve done).

So let’s take a look at my progress and my studio.

Workspace with lettered comics page

Here’s my drawing table with one of the pages I just finished lettering. Those of you who read my comics tutorials probably recall that I ink the letters first before moving on to anything else.  

You’ll also see on the left, are my character reference sheets.  I need those for both pencilling and inking the Sunnyville comics.  Also note the statues I have on my desk of Grumpy Bear (of the Care Bears) and Peter Cushing as Abraham Van Helsing (from Horror of Dracula).

Sunnyville comics pages in progress

Here is a shot of my worktable with some pages of Sunnyville episode 7. The page of the left has had its letters and line art inked while the one on the right is waiting to be inked.  At the time of this post going live, I’ve done the letters in ink with my Speedball C6 nibs.

Inked comics pages drying

These pages you see here are drying. They are sitting on top of my printer/scanner. If you look closely, you’ll notice white paint on the comics page.  I make mistakes sometimes with my work and have to correct it with white acrylic paint – and I’ve been using A LOT of it lately.

As you can see, Sunnyville Stories episode 7 is coming along nicely.  And this is also while I’m at work on my supernatural graphic novel, Von Herling Vampire Hunter.  If all goes well, Sunnyville number 7 should be put to bed by the end of the month.

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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