StellarCon 37 Wrap-Up

StellarCon 37 has officially ended.  So how did the event go for me?

It didn’t go well financially.  My sales were very sluggish and I only sold two comics that whole weekend.  Actually, few in the dealers room even sold well.  We got little traffic on both Friday and Sunday.  Many of the other dealers sold little or nothing.  

The upsides are that I gave out every one of my business cards and drove a ton of traffic to the blog.  What’s more is that I was informed on Friday that my print run of Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 has shipped from the printers.  So I will be able to fill the orders I got from Brodart and Rabbit Valley Books!

Anyway, here’s some video from StellarCon’s dealer room.



On top of that I’d like to give shout-outs to people I met at StellarCon.  Among them are Stuart Jaffe, Art Lo Designs, Phase 5 Publishing (a fellow North Carolina-based publisher), The Missing Volume of Raleigh, Glitter-Free Productions, Capt Comics of Charlotte, Debra Killeen and Diana Bastine, Taylor Gibson, Camelot Treasures, Justin Lapoint of Mount Olive, the Pirates of Tezomea, Tannery Books of Archdale, and Orielis Books of Chapel Hill.

To all those who supported me at StellarCon, thank you.  My next convention will not be until July when I head off to Anthrocon.

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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