Bamboo Pen Drawings for Anthrocon

I have chosen the drawings I’m going to be displaying this year at Anthrocon.  Besides the color comic piece “Sleeping Pills”, I handpicked four more pieces to show.  These were last minute choices.

Just a few days ago, I picked up a new tool.  I got a bamboo sketching pen, a tool traditionally used in Japanese and Chinese ink painting.   After a few tests, I started to create a number of pieces that will be used to promote Sunnyville Stories Volume 2.  They came out very well though, much better than I expected.  I decided that they were good enough to show publicly.  

Let’s have a look at the pieces I’ve created.  All four of these were done on 9×12 inch bristol paper using ink applied with a bamboo pen.

Rusty in bamboo pen


Sam in bamboo pen


The bamboo pen is a bit harder to use than the standard metal nibs I’m used to.  What’s more is that I have to dip it every few seconds in ink – it requires more “recharging” than the standard metal nibs.  (I’ll give a demonstration in a future post.)


“The Brothers Eftirmatur”

Margaret in Bamboo Pen


This last drawing of Margaret Macgregor was done with both bamboo pen and a Speedball 512 nib for the hatching.  The challenge I had was the bamboo pen not making a thin enough line for the hatching on Margaret’s fur or her scarf.  So I switched over to a metal nib for that.  She came out much better than I planned.

Besides going on display at Anthrocon, these will also be used to promote my next book.  These will be put into press kits being sent out to trade publications, vendors, and local news.  I hope to have prints of these available later.

That’s all for now.  Subscribe to the RSS feed or via email if you haven’t already.  If you represent a public or school library system and you’re interested in carrying Sunnyville Stories Volume 1, please contact Brodart Company as they carry the work wholesale.  Make sure you buy a copy of Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 or get a copy from these other retailers.  And don’t forget that copies of Sunnyville Stories are available on Amazon!

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