The Day Before Anthrocon

Well, I’m preparing for Anthrocon.  This year, I’m driving up there from Greensboro.  It’s slightly shorter than going to New York, but still quite a trip.

I’ve selected the pieces for the Anthrocon art show and even made changes.  I will NOT be displaying those bamboo pen drawings I did.  While they are technically superior to anything I’ve done up until now, I thought it’d be a better idea to go with the funny stuff.  

Anthrocon 2013 art show selections

Besides the “Sleeping Pills” piece I did, I also selected some of my earlier works.  While older pieces, they are still funny.  In the upper right is “Life’s a Grind”, right below it is “The Late Movie” and on the lower left is “No Swimming”.

More Anthrocon 2013 art show selections

I’m also including a set of two comics pages called “Taste Test”.

The trip up there will be a good seven hour drive and probably longer.  Hence, I’ve had to get supplies for the trip.  I’ll be packing a lunch on the way up and will definitely need to stop to rest.

I will be blogging live from the event.  So stay tuned to this blog for coverage!

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