Volume 1 Sells and Volume 2 Ready!

I have news for all of you!

First and foremost, Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 has been officially put to bed! The final files have been created, processed and sent to the printers! A batch of copies are being run off for the trade publications as well as others.

Meanwhile, I’ve been tracking the progress of Sunnyville Stories Volume 1. On Friday, I saw about 20 copies of the book floating around on the Amazon Marketplace. Last night, that number dropped to 11.

But wait…there’s more! Both Alibris and the Book Depository had around 10 copies in stock. Both places are down to around 1 or 2 copies!

But wait, loyal fans – there’s still more! Powell’s Books, a small bookstore chain based in Portland, Oregon had about 20 copies of Sunnyville volume 1 in their warehouse. They are now down to just 2 copies! That’s 18 copies that were sold in the last week or so!

Right now, I’m on cloud nine! People are buying and enjoying Sunnyville Stories! To each and everyone of you who bought a copy, thank you! To everyone who helped me market and promote the book, thank you! To all of you who read this blog, thank you!

However, I do not plan on resting on my laurels.  I need to finish Von Herling and I need to continue promoting my work.  I cannot do that without your help.  So please purchase copies of Sunnyville Stories and tell everyone you can about my work!   Tell your library that you want Sunnyville Stories – we are carried through BrodartIngram, and the library division of Alibris!  Don’t forget that you can still get Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 for Kindle as well as paperback. Check out the book’s Goodreads entry for other retailers as well as libraries carrying it!

Thank you again and stay tuned to this blog for more news!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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