What Lies Ahead for Sunnyville

Now that my graphic novel Von Herling, Vampire Hunter has been sent off to the printers, I can get back to Sunnyville Stories. You’re probably wondering what lies ahead for the Sunnyville franchise.

As I explained before, the second volume of the saga has also been sent off to the printers. Set for release in March, I’ll be working to promote the book and sell it to the world. I have high expectations that the second volume will get into even more libraries and bookstores.

I’ll have some updates concerning the third volume of Sunnyville soon enough. From here on, I have to finish episode 9 which has been neglected for too long. Story treatments for both episodes 10 and 11 have been developed and have to be written soon. More characters will be introduced in those stories and the universe of Sunnyville will continue to expand. I’ll have some updates on those later.

Once I finish episode 10, I’ll be one-fifth of the way through my saga. Yes, I have fifty stories total planned and I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far. I’ve done eight whole stories with the ninth on the way and have put out two trade paperbacks to tell the world all about the land of Sunnyville. I’m pleased with how I’ve done so far, but I need to keep working on selling my material to the world.

Consequently, I’m also on the lookout for merchandising. If you represent any type of toy company or apparel manufacturer and are interested in producing merchandise of Sunnyville character, you can get in touch with me through this blog.

So please purchase copies of Sunnyville Stories and tell everyone you can about my work!   Tell your library that you want Sunnyville Stories – we are carried through BrodartIngram, and the library division of Alibris!  Don’t forget that you can still get Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 for Kindle as well as paperback. Check out the book’s Goodreads entry for other retailers as well as libraries carrying it!

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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