First Orders Prepped for Shipping

As I continue work on Sunnyville Stories episode 9, I’m also getting some orders ready.

Sunnyville #9 page being inked

The inking on Sunnyville #9 continues at a slow pace, but at least it is continuing.

In the meantime, copies of both Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 and Von Herling, Vampire Hunter have arrived.

Books fresh from the printers

These are copies of both Sunnyville volume 2 and Von Herling. They arrived yesterday from my printers. This is good as my first orders have come in.

Brodart Company, one of my vendors, will be getting copies; as I reported previously, that does correspond to the Alameda County Library listing the book in their catalog.

I’m also going to be shipping copies of my books to another vendor, Great Stories. Besides carrying copies, the company’s owner will be negotiating with the nearby Franklin Public Library in Franklin, Massachusetts to carry Sunnyville!

Packaging for books

The container for the first books to be shipped!

Here’s one of the shipping boxes. I’ll be sending out these orders on Monday.

Incidentally, we are looking for more public libraries to carry copies of the Sunnyville books. If you are a library (or vendor), both volumes of Sunnyville Stories are available wholesale through Ingram and Baker & Taylor via BCH Distribution and through Brodart Books.

Please give to the Sunnyville Stories Kickstarter – the people of Sunnyville need your help!  Sunnyville Stories Vol. 1 (ISBN 9780615653921) is still for sale on Amazon too.

Last but not least, I welcome your fan letters and commentary. You can email me at maxwestart(at) or you can write to:

Different Mousetrap Press LLC
PO Box 1321
Greensboro, NC 27402

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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