Noodler’s Ink

Work continues on inking Sunnyville Stories #10.  I ran into a challenge a few days ago that ended up leading to a neat discovery.

Sunnyville #10 being inked

I’ve been unable to find Speedball Super Black India ink so far here in North Dakota.  I’ve had to settle for Higins Black Magic ink.  However, as I had found out on while inking Von Herling, Vampire Hunter, that ink doesn’t have a long shelf life.  After about 30 to 60 days, Black Magic breaks down into a very gray and splotchy ink.  It was impossible to get a rich and even black on the page!  

I headed down to the Plains Art Museum today for a drawing class (gotta get practice in!) and after, I headed to a local art supply store to pick up ink.  They had no Black Magic there and nothing else looked suitable so I decided to ask the clerks if they had any good inks, having explained that Black Magic wasn’t suitable for my purposes.  They recommended Noodler’s Ink.

Noodler's Ink

Noodler’s X-Feather Black Ink

Noodler’s Ink is a brand that I’d never heard of so I was skeptical.  From what I learned, it’s a fountain pen ink that’s meant for calligraphy.  That made me skeptical as calligraphy inks I used before weren’t suited for drawing comics.  But they showed me samples of lines made with Noodler’s Ink in the store.  I gave in and decided to try a bottle.

So what’s the verdict?  So far, so good!  Noodler’s Ink is serving me well in inking the pages of Sunnyville #10!  This ink is definitely worth trying out for drawing comics.  It may not be available in your area so check the website (link above) for more information and ask about if you want to buy a bottle!

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