The Next Stories of Rusty and Sam

Work is slow but sure on Sunnyville Stories #10, but it will be finished soon after so many delays.  I have much to reflect on once that is done…but that’s for another post once the work is finished.

I’ll talk more about episode 11 once I finish the the tenth story.  But I do have some interesting stories lined up for Rusty and Sam.  There will be some ups and downs for the duo in the future.

Sunnyville Stories #12 will be a mystery story called “The Case of the Crushed Cake”.  The story will be told from Rusty’s point of view – he’ll be narrating it in other words.  Rusty plays detective when he tries to find out whether Christina (youngest daughter of the town bakers) wrecked her parents’ cake.  This story came from some of the detective stories I used to read years ago.  I used to read the Berenstain Bears books where Brother, Sister and Cousin Fred would be the Bear Detectives, a group of kid sleuths.  I was also an avid reader of Encyclopedia Brown by the late Donald J. Sobol.  Remembering these books made me think…what if Rusty decided to play detective?  

Having gotten better at drawing and getting a better handle on the world of Sunnyville, I want to try for more dramatic stories.  I have some more ideas that will be coming in the future.

Sunnyville Stories #13 is going to be titled “Games People Play”, named for a song by the Alan Parsons Project.  Sam’s cousin, Eddie, returns and organizes a tabletop role playing game session for Rusty and friends.  The problem is that Rusty’s mom panics because of controversy over the game’s content and intervenes.  This story will introduce another family into the world of Sunnyville.  That’s all I will reveal right now.

Sunnyville Stories #14 will be a very special episode titled “Epidemic Proportions”.  What happens?  Rusty gets very sick and is even hospitalized at the town clinic!

Sunnyville Stories #15 is going to be titled “May Be A Price To Play” and is also named for an Alan Parsons Project song.  Rusty will be going on a game show for a chance at fantastic prizes.  Unfortunately, his greed may cause him to walk away empty-handed.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens with these stories.

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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