Fargo Moorhead Comicon 2015 Report

Greetings, readers and Sunnyville fans.  I’ve had a blast at Fargo Moorhead Comicon and I’m here to report what happened.

The convention itself was fun and got quite active.  Plus I met a lot of interesting people.

Fargo Moorhead Comicon dealer room

Fargo Moorhead Comicon attendees

One of the notable guests there was the 501st Legion, a club of Star Wars fans and costume designers who also participate in charitable events.


501st Legion costumed players

I’ve always wondered if you can see out of a stormtrooper helmet.

I met some local talent and passed out business cards.  I met local artist Samsally and two ladies who excelled at painting – Elizabeth and Caroline.  (Sadly, their business cards have no URL for me to link up with.)  I also met Mike Hoekstra of Spiked Air Studio, an airbrush artist based in Grand Forks.  I offered my services as a freelancer in case he was ever in need of someone to render cartoon animals.  I also met Brad Thingvold, who draws in a realistic superhero style; his own portfolio was amazing.

Dragon Den Comics MSUM

I also met local students from Minnesota State University Moorhead that were representing Dragon Den Comics.  I’ve offered to speak at their meetings in the future, much like I did with the Guilford Middle School club.

A highlight was meeting and talking with Rocky Hartberg.   Mr. Hartberg is known for his underground comics involving the detective Cole Black.  We chatted for a few minutes and he told me a lot about his drawing, his work on Cole Black, its submission to Marvel Comics and his process.  In fact, I ended up buying two copies of Cole Black from him.

Cole Black comics

All in all, it was quite a day.  Fargo looks like it will serve as a good base of operations for producing Sunnyville Stories!

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