Another view on Sunnyville

Work continues on Sunnyville #12.  I aim to put this to bed by the end of May so I can devote full attention to getting Sunnyville Stories Volume 3 to be finished and put to bed.

Sunnyville Stories #12 pages drying

These are some Sunnyville pages that are drying and are in the process of being inked too.  

Comic book inking setup

Here’s my drawing table with some lettered pages drying out.  In the photo on the edge of my table is my water container (I’d better change out the dirty inky water), my bottle of Speedball Super Black ink, and a bottle of pen cleaner.  Something seems to be up with this batch of ink I’m using.  I’ll have to do what I can and then touch up anything digitally later on.

I do like sharing the creative process of Sunnyville actually being drawn.  A view to project out to readers and fans is that much work goes into producing the finished product.  Speaking of views, I recently got another good review of Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 over on Amazon; the feedback portrayed quite a view on my work that I never thought much about.   Posted up by Kindle author Phillip T Stephens, let’s take a look at some of his review where he describes my work:

Think of it as that quirky sherry you find on the back of the shelf at the wine shop the corporate giant is about to close down. You can’t pin down why you like it because you’re no connoisseur; you just know you do. It’s not perfect, but perfect would ruin the uniqueness and maybe even the flavor.

Mr. Stephens is quite eloquent.  Let’s see more of this review:

…Sunnyville Stories will remind you more of Steamboat Willy, the precursor to Mickey Mouse (if you’re old enough to remember, or have any sense of comic history). Or perhaps the old Little Rascals serials that played out on televisions in the afternoons when it was raining and our parents wouldn’t let us go outside and play…

West doesn’t draw slick characters, he draws in the primitive black and white style of the thirties Merrie Melodies and Fleischer Studios animations, and the stories feature a lot of slapstick comedy…

I’m very pleased.  This is a good review that makes me feel like I’m doing something right, but it also boosts my credibility.  What’s more is that Mr. Stephens gave a view on Sunnyville I didn’t think about and it’s in regards to the artwork.  My main influence is newspaper comic strips like Charles Schulz and Gary Larson.  However I can see what he’s talking about.  My use of a smooth and sometimes scratchy pen line combines with the digital printing process that my printers use that probably gives it that retro look that Mr. Stephens describes.

I aim to get many more good reviews on Sunnyville Stories as time goes on.


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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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