CoreCon 2015 Report

First, I want to announce that Sunnyville Stories #12 is FINALLY FINISHED after so many delays!  Now onto business…

I made it to CoreCon 2015 yesterday.  The event was bigger than FM ComiCon as it’s a four day event; today (Sunday 6/14/2015) is the last and final day.

CoreCon 2015 game room

This photo was of the tabletop gaming room.  It was only partly full when I got in but within an hour, it was near capacity.  

CoreCon 2015 dealer room

I made my way through the dealer room.  As was my intention, I spent some time talking to some of the dealers there and browsing wares.  I also talked to some of the artists there; I learned about them and what sort of work they do.  Many business cards and copies of Free Sunnyville were handed out too.

I met WINGINGIT-Studio, filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm (Watch his movies!  I bought some of them!) and Twisted Knot Designs.  That last one was a table of two individuals: Sophia Koskela and M. Moskela.  I chatted with them for awhile, learning about what they do.  They got copies of Free Sunnyville (which I even signed for them) and I explained my plans to get them into the hands of vendors and libraries.

The event was a fruitful one for me and I learned of two more events coming up in the late summer and early fall.  There will be AnimeFargo and ValleyCon so I will be heading there to promote and network some more.  I’m on the fence about whether I will sell anything on the convention circuit next year.  Stay tuned for more news.  And on that note, how about some more photos?

Playing Super Ghouls & Ghosts at CoreCon 2015

CoreCon 2015 cosplayer

501st Legion Clone Trooper at CoreCon 2015

The 501st Legion returned for CoreCon – I had seen them before at FM ComiCon.

Doctor Who TARDIS at CoreCon 2015

It was quite an event.  Stay tuned to this blog for more info on my next convention appearances!

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