There is justice after all

This is a special blog post.  I didn’t want to address the problem before but after something happened, I want to deal with this now out in the open.

Both here on the blog and out there in Internet land, there’s someone out there who has a personal grudge against both me and my work.  They’ve been leaving harassing and insulting comments here on the blog.  They’ve also been targeting me on Twitter.  What really takes the cake is that this cowardly bully has been posting bad reviews and bad ratings of Sunnyville all around the Internet.

I’m not able to identify this person as they use a variety of aliases, such as “G. Jon”, “James G” and “Tina Boo”.  This loser has been putting up bad reviews under the later two identities over on Goodreads.  This person, whoever they are, is very persistent and vicious so I don’t think they are some wacko.  In addition to posting up bad reviews, G Jon/James G/Tina Boo is quick to denounce any good reviews Sunnyville gets as being “fake”.

Anyway, I do have some fans out there and one of them is the independent author Phillip T. Stephens.  He’s a very eloquent intellectual who writes in Kindle format  (I may need to pick up his books one day) and he also enjoys Sunnyville.  He’s read some of them.  As you may recall, he recently featured me on a Goodreads post.  This praise did not sit well with G Jon/James G/Tina Boo, who hates my work and goes after anyone who gives me good reviews.

So under the name of “Tina Boo”, this coward went on about how Sunnyville is entirely plagiarized and even came up with a laundry list of everything that I have “stolen”.

Phillip’s response to G Jon/James G/Tina Boo was priceless.  It reads as follows:

Feels like you did a lot of research to find such compelling evidence against a comic I enjoy. To have sifted through so many episodes of so many comedies and then connected them to the anime must have taken a lot of time and thought. And I’m sure there was nothing personal behind it.

And I was not aware that Von Herling, Vampire Hunter resembled Bram Stoker’s Dracula, only in Sunnyville, either.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I definitely feel cheated out of the 2.99 I spent for Sunnyville Stories.

I have to admit that this response made me laugh so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes.  It’s been ages since that happened.

It’s good to know that I have fans and it’s good to see that coward finally get told off.  I’ll bet that G Jon/James G/Tina Boo is NOT taking that response well.


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