Meet the Hoppers

As work continues on Sunnyville #13, I’d like to introduce you to the Hopper family.  They will play a significant role in this story and Dr. Hopper will play a bigger role in the next story.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Hoppers live in the house attached to the Sunnyville Town Clinic and Hospital.  The clinic treats Sunnyville residents on an outpatient basis but also has limited hospital facilities for those who are really sick (flu, pneumonia, etc).  Anyone needing more serious medical attention will have to go to hospitals in nearby Solton or Oak City.

Doctor Maximillian Hopper

Dr. Maximillian Hopper is the resident doctor of Sunnyville.  Having studied medicine in Oak City, he came to Sunnyville with his wife, Beatrice (more on her in a moment), to take over the town’s clinic from the previous doctor about to retire.  

Dr. Hopper is quite friendly and is very reasonable.  He tends to keep a cool head in contrast to his wife and usually acts as a voice of reason to her.

Nurse Beatrice Hopper

Beatrice Hopper is the wife of Max and is the town nurse.  She is originally from Sunnyville but went to Oak City to study nursing and that’s where she met her future husband.  In contrast to her husband, she’s more emotional and impulsive.  In spite of being a trained medical professional, Nurse Hopper takes wild rumors at face value and treats them as being some sort of immediate threat, especially to her only son, Donny Hopper.

Nurse Hopper is always fussing over every little thing Donny does.  She wants him to be a scholar and doesn’t like it when he listens to rock music, plays video games and so on.  She will often clash with her husband on how to raise their son and she doesn’t like others intervening in her parenting of Donny.  Nurse Hopper is especially not pleased with Rusty, feeling that his influence on Donny undermines her own authority.

When I was designing the characters, I wanted husband and wife to be some kind of visual difference.  So I made Max quite skinny and Beatrice incredibly fat to tell them apart.

Little Donny Hopper

Donny Hopper is the only child of Beatrice and Max.  He’s quite smart, mainly due to his mother’s badgering; she’s demanding that he become a world-famous scholar.  To be honest, Donny wants to find his own way in life.

If Donny even goes against his mother in the slightest way, she takes this as a sign of full scale rebellion against her.  It’s hard to say what his future will hold given their relationship.  Rusty has a friendship with Donny, taking on a “big brother” role for Donny.  He sympathizes a lot with Donny as he has a very overbearing mother too (don’t tell Nancy I said that!); he’ll frequently introduce Donny to video games or music that Nurse Hopper considers “dangerous”.

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