ValleyCon 2015 Report

As I said, I went to visit ValleyCon today.  There were some old faces I saw from other conventions like FM Comicon and CoreCon.

Valleycon 2015 photo 1

Valleycon 2015 photo 2

As with many conventions, the dealer room was jumping with activity.  Many vendors and artists were there.  The vendors sold much of the usual things you’ll find – toys, video games, posters, comic books, graphic novels and books.  At least two vendors were selling both Golden Age and Silver Age comics; at least one even carried pulp magazines from the 1940s!  

Golden Age comics and pulp magazines (as neat as they are) were not on my list.  My purpose at ValleyCon 2015 was to network.  And that I did!  There were familiar faces there like Sophia Koskela and M. Koskela.  Dragon’s Den Comics was there again with their big sketchbook that I’ve drawn in before.  I added yet another drawing of Rusty to it!

Rusty Duncan in ballpoint pen

Not bad draftsmanship for something sketched with a ballpoint pen, uh?

Some more of the individuals I met were Ozgur K. Sahin, a writer who writes pirate fiction, and the incredibly talented Nathan Lueth, creator of the steampunk fantasy Impure Blood.  Mr. Sahin’s writing shows a lot of promise (especially if you like good historical fiction or just adore pirates) and Impure Blood is quite a read; it’s very reminiscent of Phil Foglio’s Girl Genius.

Impure Blood display at ValleyCon 2015

The highlight of my time was meeting two ladies of the podcast Speak Geek To Me.  They were the lovely Savanna and the intelligent Michelle.  I introduced myself and chatted a bit about my comics.  I actually had a (brief) interview with Savanna for their podcast!  I talked about Sunnyville Stories and what it was about; I also brought up some of my future story plans.

Once that podcast with me is up, I will share a link here on the blog!

I had a blast today at ValleyCon and hope to be there next year as a seller!  So to wrap this up, how about more photos?

Robin at ValleyCon 2015

Dalek at ValleyCon 2015

Max West sidetracked by Super Mario Maker

I did get briefly sidetracked by the video game Super Mario Maker.

Harley Quinn at ValleyCon 2015

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