New York Tour 2016 Day 2

Today’s events gave me more ideas.  Anyway, I got an early start today by heading down to the Financial District.

Broad Street, New York City

Because today is Good Friday, the area was empty as many businesses were not operating.  

New York Stock Exchange

Here’s the New York Stock Exchange.  While there was little financial activity going on here, many tourists were about taking photos of this place.  But I was not here to trade stocks.  In addition to generating ideas, I was here to try a bagel place I heard so much about.  Called Leo’s Bagels, this place lived up to its good reputation on Roadfood.

Dr. Brown's soda and everything bagel

Here you see my choice at Leo’s Bagels – I went with a nice everything bagel with butter and Dr. Brown’s diet black cherry soda; seldom will you find a finer bagel out there.

Forbidden Planet and Strand Books

Some of my other stops today included Union Square Park, Washington Square Park, the Barnes & Noble bookstore at Union Square, Strand Books (where I bought a book on Japanese swordfighting as research for Ingmar the Wanderer) and Forbidden Planet.

As some of you recall, I’ve tried to get Forbidden Planet to carry Sunnyville Stories but they have always turned me down.  I visited the store mainly to see what they carry.  It seems Forbidden Planet carries a wide variety of material.  They do carry the usual Marvel & DC superhero titles as well as manga and smaller companies (Dynamite, IDW, Boom and so on).  Plus they carry some self-published zines and minicomics.  Rather than assume sinister motives, I’ll give Forbidden Planet the benefit of the doubt and devise a strategy to sell to them.

I’ve been in contact with Carmine Street Comics and some of their people made some suggestions that I’m now mulling over.  I may try some of the bigger conventions for more exposure, namely in Minneapolis.  I also want to see about canvassing some of the upcoming conventions in Fargo for bloggers, podcasters or media people; communicating with them about Sunnyville Stories could boost my credibility and bring me to greater attention (like with the Comics Journal and Comic Book Resources).

Already, this trip has really got me fired up with new ideas for Sunnyville and for promotion in general!


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