Sunnyville #14 is finished!

After much work and many challenges, Sunnyville Stories #14 is finally finished at last!

I apologize for not posting this weekend; I wanted to make sure I finished Sunnyville #14.  On top of that, I still have to finish the Sunnyville 2016 annual and two other works as well.

Signing Sunnyville Stories #14

Here I am, putting my signature on the very last page of Sunnyville #14.  

This is the last free story I’ll be posting up on DeviantArt.  As my colleague Jon Gorga suggested, I posted up Sunnyville #13 and #14 for free online (Sunnyville #14 should be up by next week in its entirety).  The next few stories are ones you readers will have to pay for – either in individual format or in collected paperbacks.

While I’m going to take it easy for the rest of this night, it’s not over yet.  My aim is to wrap up the one story planned for the annual and then assembled that.  After that will come Ingmar #1 and the re-sizing of Von Herling for DriveThru.

On top of that, from June 9 to 12, I will be present at CoreCon here in Fargo where I aim to be selling comics.  I intend to make an announcement about that later this week – I will have special deals with pricing on Sunnyville books.

I am honestly burned out from all this and once CoreCon is over, I’ll be relieved to take a sabbatical and have a good long rest.  The stress of making comics and selling them is a challenge.  I need to have more sales and I’m looking at some licensing deals too (more on that in the future).

Till next time, friends!

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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