Von Herling to be re-issued for DriveThru

We’ve got another announcement to make.  Some of you out there are familiar with my original graphic novel of Gothic horror Von Herling, Vampire Hunter (ISBN 9780989069618).

Von Herling, Vampire Hunter paperback cover

The book has done well by small press standards getting some good reviews and selling okay.  I even got it into a handful of libraries!  

Copies are still on Amazon (in both Kindle format and paperback) and on Indyplanet for sale.  But I will be expanding it to at least two more platforms going into the summer.

On June 11, along with the Sunnyville 2016 annual and Ingmar the Wanderer #1 (more on that later), the Von Herling graphic novel will be re-issued for DriveThru Comics in digital format!  On top of that, it will have an exclusive variant cover that will be done in color as opposed to the black & white paperback cover.  Another aim will be to put Von Herling over on Comixology eventually.  We’ll keep you posted on that as this story develops.

As an added warning to any parents or guardians, Von Herling is a more mature work as opposed to the more general audiences Sunnyville Stories.  There’s profanity as well as some blood in there – not buckets of blood like you’d find in a Friday the 13th movie, but more on the level of Hammer films.  This isn’t a work for small children and if you are the guardian of such a comics reader, you might want to screen this one first.

Stay tuned for more news as it develops!

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