Pirate Mike

This week, I said that I would cover some other creative projects out there.  So this week, we’ll kick off with the webcomic Pirate Mike.

Pirate Mike is a webcomic about a pirate who lives…not on the Spanish Main but in the modern world!

Joined by a crew of eccentric characters, Pirate Mike’s exploits are serialized in panels that would look right at home with newspaper comics like Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, Garfield, Blondie and so on.


Pirate Mike November 2011 Comic Strip

Pirate Mike Nov. 2011 Sample Strip

(This comic strip is the copyright of its respective holder and is being featured here for informational purposes only.)

Well, what are you waiting for?  Go give Pirate Mike a read.  Tell him that Rusty and Sam of Sunnyville sent you!  ARRRR!!!

Sign up for the Sunnyville Stories mailing list if you haven’t yet.  Stop over to DriveThru Comics for digital copies of Sunnyville Stories.  Copies ofSunnyville Stories Volume 1 are still for sale on Amazon, both in print and Kindle formats!  While you’re there, be sure to pick up Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 and (if you love Gothic horror) Von Herling, Vampire Hunter!  And now available is the latest installment of the saga, Sunnyville Stories Volume 3.  Get them today!

Copies of all the above titles are available to the library trade via Brodart Company and to retailers from Ingram and Baker & Taylor (via BCH Distribution).  Copies are also available direct from the publisher.  For ordering information, contact maxwestart(at)gmail(dot)com or write to:

Different Mousetrap Press LLC, 1100 19th Avenue N, #108, Unit J, Fargo ND 58102-2269 USA 

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