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The Von Straussens

This week, we take a look at yet another family here in Sunnyville.  Today we are going to meet the most prestigious family in all of Sunnyville.  I’m talking about the Von Straussen family.  These upstanding canines originally come from … Continue reading

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The Talbot Family

Many families live here in the village of Sunnyville.  In fact, some of these families actually end up coming from far away lands, especially foreign countries.  It’s not unusual for a Sunnyville inhabitant who’s lived in the town for generations … Continue reading

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The Macgregor Family

Over the next couple months, I’m going to talk about the many families that inhabit the hamlet of Sunnyville.  We’ve met Rusty’s family and we’ve met Sam Macgregor.  So how about we meet the family?  Gather round, curious readers.  I’ll … Continue reading

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Origins of Sunnyville – Part 2

Last week, I discussed one of the two sources of inspiration for Sunnyville.  One of them was my move down to the south.  The other one came from the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan!  Yes, I was inspired … Continue reading

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Origins of Sunnyville – Part 1

My blog’s over a month old and I, Max West, have shared many things with you, readers.  I’ve told you about my small press comics, some of the characters in Sunnyville Stories, shown you some of the art, and displayed … Continue reading

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