The Loutron Family

It’s time to meet yet another family living in Sunnyville.  As you might have seen in the past entries with the Talbots and the Von Straussens, visitors from other countries often will travel to Sunnvyille and end up living in the town.  For some strange reason, this town is a nexus point for distant visitors, especially from foreign nations.  This week’s family is yet another group of foreigners – it’s the Loutrons.  The Loutron family runs the town’s local laundromat.  If your clothing is dirty, they’ll wash it clean!  They also dry clean and get rid of those hard-to-remove stains.  The family running the laundromat are Greek.  So come with me, loyal readers.  I’ll introduce you.  Euripides Loutron

Euripides Loutron is the patriarch of the Loutron family.  He is from the city of Heraklion on the Greek island of Crete.  After marrying his wife, the two came all the way to Sunnyville.  When he’s not working in the laundry, he can be found fishing or playing with his energetic sons (we’ll meet them in a minute).

Sophia Loutron

Sophia is the wife of Euripides and the mother of the triplets.  She is originally from the poorer sections of the Greek city of Corinth.  She can be found often working in the laundry, washing loads of clothes that the townspeople bring in.  She’ll also chat with the town’s women as they’ll usually be the ones who come into the laundry.  Whatever you can’t find out locally at the general store, you’ll find out at the laundry through Sophia.

I should add that Sophia and Euripides met in a rather interesting way.  Euripides took advantage of living by the seashore and spied on the women that went swimming and sunbathing.  He’d frequently spy on them with a telescope or even snap photos and video!  Fate had other ideas in store one day when Sophia came to Heraklion with friends.  When she decided to go topless (!), she spotted the glint of something metallic.  That glint was the camera of Euripides, snapping photos of her topless torso.  And that’s how the two met.

I should also add that Sophia’s character was inspired by the Russian sable named Tatiana Tushenko from the 1979 animated movie Animalympics.  In fact, in an earlier version of my notes (when I was putting together the world of Sunnyville), Sophia and her husband were going to be Russian!  Oh, and their last name is a pun too.  The word “Loutron” is Greek for “to wash” or “to bathe”.

Petros, Plato, and Anders Loutron

The laundry is usually a quiet place…that is, until the triplets wake up.  These three energetic little ferrets caused quite a stir when they were born.  Triplets had not been born in the whole history of Sunnyville.  They continue to cause a stir today.  When they are not keeping their parents busy at home, they can be found wandering around town, looking to play with others.  Petros is the oldest of the three (being the first one born) and acts as the leader.  Plato likes learning new words and loves to read anything he can get his hands on.  As for Anders, he’s unlike his brothers in that he’s okay with playing with girls.  He’s okay playing House or having tea parties with girls.  When it comes to older girls though, he’s kind of a pervert.  Anders will try to cop a feel with girls like Sam, Margaret, Magnolia, etc.

These three boys were based on Bobby Bear’s three younger brothers from the anime, Maple Town, which was a big influence on my work.

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