Sunnyville Stories 2016 Annual Now on Sale

Ladies and gentlemen, after many delays and problems, the 2016 annual for Sunnyville Stories is now on sale!

Sunnyville Stories 2016 annual cover

The book is on sale in digital format over on DriveThru Comics so be sure to grab your copy today!   Continue reading

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1,000 True Fans

In my research in marketing and crowdfunding, I came across an article that I’ve heard about in the past.

Written by Kevin Kelly, this is an article titled “1,000 True Fans”.  You can read the article in its entirety, but I think he makes a great point.

Some of us…okay, a lot of us out there aim to make a huge blockbuster hit.  We want to create the next Star Wars, the next Mickey Mouse, and so on.   Continue reading

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Why Other Kickstarters Succeed

I’ve expressed that I want to do another Kickstarter drive to fund Sunnyville comics.  But I have no intention of doing one until I meet certain conditions.  I need to understand why the first Kickstarter failed.  I also need to learn more from others about crowdfunding.

But it’s not enough to understand why I failed.

It’s not enough to learn everything I can.

Some out there have succeeded and some have had really phenomenal success.  I need to study them, talk to the organizers and understand why they made their goals!  Enter Jason Brubaker.   Continue reading

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Announcements for June 18, 2016

A couple of basic announcements to make today…anyway, I have another life drawing session today.

There’s plenty of digital comics for sale over on DriveThru Comics.  Ingmar the Wanderer #1 is now up for sale so be sure to get it!  There’s also copies of Von Herling and Sunnyville #2-12 so be sure you get those too.

I’m still in negotiations with a local gallery to display some of the mixed media artwork used both as covers to Sunnyville and for promotional art.  I’ll have more news on that as it develops.

There’s still no word on the people from AnimeFargo so I don’t know if I’ll be selling at that convention.  Valleycon though in October is a go; we’ll have more news on that as it comes.  (Right now, I’m exhausted from Corecon and all the other comics I’ve been working on.)

Work on the Sunnyville annual is wrapping up right now.  There’ll be an announcement here and on Twitter as well as Facebook when it comes out.

Be sure to swing over to DriveThru Comics for digital copies of Sunnyville Stories.  Copies of Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 are still for sale on Amazon, both in print and Kindle formats!  While you’re there, be sure to pick up Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 and (if you love Gothic horror) Von Herling, Vampire Hunter!  And now available is the latest installment of the saga, Sunnyville Stories Volume 3.  Get them today!

Copies of all the above titles are available to the library trade via Brodart Company and to retailers from Ingram and Baker & Taylor (via BCH Distribution).  Copies are also available direct from the publisher.  For ordering information, contact maxwestart(at)gmail(dot)com or write to:

Different Mousetrap Press LLC, 1100 19th Avenue N, #108, Unit J, Fargo ND 58102-2269 USA 

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Going to take a break

After all the comics work I’ve done over the past few months and the stress of dealing with Corecon, I’m going to be taking a break from comics in general.  I feel burned out.

There will be Saturday blog posts up though that discuss what will happen from now till the end of the year.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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Corecon 2016 Final Report

Now it’s time for my final report and debriefing on Corecon 2016.

Corecon 2016 artist alley

I have good news and bad news about the event.  First, I’ll give you guys the bad news.

My sales were weak.  Only a handful of books got sold.   Continue reading

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Corecon 2016 Day 3 & 4

Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12 saw much more action than Thursday or Friday did.

Corecon 2016 artist alley & dealer room

There was more foot traffic both of those days and more to see.   Continue reading

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Announcing the Corecon 2016 Sunnyville Power Hour!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a brief announcement to make and it’s a time-sensitive one.  This applies to today only (Saturday, June 11) for Corecon 2016.

If you are attending Corecon 2016, come to my table in the artist alley/dealer room between 1:00PM CST and 2:00PM CST.  If you say a special code phrase, then you will be eligible to get a FREE download of Sunnyville Stories #12 from DriveThru Comics!

Different Mousetrap Press table at Corecon 2016

This is what the table looks like.

Remember – come to this table from 1:00PM CST to 2:00PM CST TODAY ONLY and say the following phrase:


Anyone who says this will be eligible for a free download of Sunnyville #12 from DriveThru Comics…but wait!  There’s more!  One lucky winner will be chosen at random from the people who say the code phrase to me and will win a free digital download of Von Herling, Vampire Hunter from DriveThru!

This is for today only and only to those who say the above phrase from 1-2PM CST so be sure to stop on by at Corecon 2016!

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Corecon 2016 Day 2

The second day of Corecon 2016 has come and gone.  In spite of this being the first full day of the convention, activity was quite sluggish.

Corecon 2016 dealer room

There was a lot going on today elsewhere; besides this being a weekday, a wedding took place that day at the event!   Continue reading

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Sunnyville 2016 Annual Delayed!

I have good news and bad news to share.  First the bad news – due to the strain of working on many projects at once, CoreCon and a summer cold, the release of the Sunnyville Stories 2016 annual has been delayed until next week on Saturday June 18th.

Lucky for me, most of it is finished.  Some final pages need inking and the digital files must be assembled.

As for the good news, Ingmar the Wanderer #1 is on schedule for its June 11th release as is the re-issue of Von Herling for DriveThru Comics!  I’ll make a formal announcement when those are up.

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