Etsy, Facebook and other Notes

This is a short post today.  On a personal note, I’m busy cleaning out my living quarters and work area.  In spite of that, I do have some brief announcements.

Remember my webcomic Tiffany & Corey?  This webcomic now has its own Facebook fan page.  Be sure to check it out and like the page too.

Also, I want to remind all of you that I’m active again over on Etsy.  You can buy comics and original artwork of mine over there so be sure to do that today.

One more note – I am still waiting for the Sunnyville #17 comics to come in that was funded by the Kickstarter.  I’m going to check on that this week and report on what’s going on.  Those should be coming any time now.

That’s it for now.  Until next time, fans!

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Comics and Artwork Back on Etsy

Attention!  I’d like to announce that my store on Etsy is open again.

I have original artwork for sale there as well as a few Sunnyville comics.  Remember the Sunnyville Stories Super Special #1 from my first successful Kickstarter?  Two copies are for sale over on Etsy and when all the copies are gone, THEY ARE GONE!  So if you missed a chance to get them, head on over to Etsy now!

Also on my Etsy are two pieces of Sunnyville artwork – Holier Than Thou and Rusty’s Food Fight.  I will ship those anywhere in the world so if you want them, better act now!

If things go well, I may put up more artwork and comics there for sale.  So stay tuned here and to my Etsy store for more updates!

Sign up for the mailing list if you haven’t already.  Check out my webcomic Tiffany & Corey and also stop by Amazon to grab Sunnyville Stories trade paperbacks.  Look for artwork & other neat stuff on my Etsy.

Are you interested in private commissions from me?  Feedback or questions on my comics?  Send them via email to maxwestart(at)gmail(dot)com or write to:


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Notes for June 9, 2018

The reward filling process is continuing, fans, for the Sunnyville #17 Kickstarter.  I have sent out PDF copies of Sunnyville #17 to all but one backer.  I repeat – PLEASE fill out your reward surveys if you backed my Kickstarter.

Bonus Comic gets pencilled

Continue reading

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Notes for June 4, 2018

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to update yesterday.  I was still suffering from a nasty cold.  Anyway, I have a few announcements to make.

First, I found a neat webcomic by accident via TV Tropes.  It’s titled Wilfred the Wanna-Be Witch and it’s hilarious.  Be sure to give it a read.

Speaking of webcomics, my own creation Tiffany & Corey is approaching its one year anniversary.  As of June 13, it will have been running for a whole year.  I’m still aiming to put out a paperback book next year.  My plan of saving & investing to raise funds for the book?  It’s going well.  Still, it’s a good idea not to put all my apples in one basket.  I’m going to see about having some ads in the back of the book to help with the funds.  I may also use a Kickstarter to help offset the costs of printing.  I should have more details on that as the time comes.  This book will not be available until around 2019.

Lastly, I am working on the Kickstarter rewards for the Sunnyville #17 Kickstarter.  The copies of Sunnyville #17 have been ordered up.  When they arrive, the mailing of rewards will kick into high gear.  If you backed my campaign, please be sure to fill out the reward surveys sent out.

That’s it for now.  Until next time, fans!

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Maple Town Blog Launching June 10

I apologize for not updating yesterday, fans.  I was incapacitated by a nasty cold.  There’ll be another blog post up later on but I do have an announcement to make.

On June 10, I will be launching another blog but this one is not about comics of any kind.

It will be about the 1986 anime series Maple Town which was a big influence on my own work.  The whole concept of a small remote village came from Maple Town.  Anyway, this blog will be about the series, discussing the characters, episodes and its exporting to North America.

The Maple Town Compendium will officially launch on June 10 but from today until then, there’ll be a blog post up each day.  Be sure to check it out.

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Picture Books A Possibility

This is a personal entry.  As I work on my comics and Kickstarter (rewards included), I have revisited the idea of doing children’s picture books.

Why would I want to do a picture book?

It is something I’d genuinely want to do.

I possess two talents that made me ideal for work in picture books – I draw in a humorous cartoon style and I can communicate an idea instantly.  Children like funny pictures and I draw that way.

I’m not alone.  Many out there have drawn children’s books using a humorous style – Mort Gerberg, William Steig, Whitney Darrow Jr, Mike Thaler, and many more.

The motivation for me doing a children’s book is not just to get rich.  In case anyone out there gets delusions of grandeur, I need to warn you of something right now.

You can’t get rich writing or illustrating a children’s picture book.

You probably can’t get rich even with two children’s books.  Now when you do twenty, thirty or forty books, that’s another story.  Those who do it make a successful and often profitable career.  Look at Dr. Seuss, Richard Scarry, Marc Brown (Arthur), Mercer Mayer (Little Critter) and Katharine Holabird (Angelina Ballerina).  Those individuals have produced tons of books and crossed over into other venues like merchandising, animated adaptations, etc.

Sometime ago, I did a mock-up of a children’s picture book titled Hilda and Richie as a challenge to see if I could actually do it.  While I am satisfied that I have the capacity to write and illustrate such a book, that isn’t quite publishable material.  Lucky for me, I have made notes for about four more book ideas.  Along with sending out some more art samples to advertising agencies over the weekend, I plan to investigate children’s book publishers.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more blog posts over the weekend as I have news on Sunnyville and the Kickstarter rewards.

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Second Sunnyville Super Special Revision

I have another announcement to make regarding the planned Kickstarter for the second Sunnyville Stories Super Special.

Besides it being delayed until January 2019, I’ve come to a decision.  It wasn’t easy to make.

I have decided to scrap the Dominic & Claire idea for the time being.  It’s sadly going to take me away from the saga of Sunnyville.

On another note, I’ve decided to put some short stories into the super special planned for January.  They will be short vignettes with the Sunnyville characters and a longer one with Rusty.  This is one that will be very important to Rusty’s future.

You’ll find out about it soon enough.  Stay tuned to the blog for more news.

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Sunnyville Stories Episode 18

Welcome back, readers.  I’m going to be going ahead with Sunnyville Stories #18 once #17 is processed and sent off to the printers.

I have discussed this before.  Sunnyville episodes 17 through 22 are what I have dubbed “the Golden Age” of Sunnyville.  Why?  These are stories I have been really wanting to draw for a long time now.  When I conceived Sunnyville in 2009 and was busy generating story ideas, I really had fun with these.  I’m also considering this run of stories to be the best ones I’ve done.   Continue reading

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Updates on Kickstarter and the next Sunnyville

To my readers, Sunnyville fans and all of you out there – I have to apologize to all of you for neglecting my blog.  I have been very busy with a variety of things regarding Kickstarter, writing, publishing and my comics.  Let’s get started first with Kickstarter.

I announced some time ago that I’m doing another Kickstarter to fund the Sunnyville Super Special #2.  I originally slated that for launch on June 13, but I am now delaying the Sunnyville Super Special #2 Kickstarter until JANUARY 2019!  I was reluctant to do this but this is probably a smart move.  Doing one so soon after I wrapped up another one could strain me too much.  Plus this may very well interfere with fulfilling the rewards for the Sunnyville #17 Kickstarter.  On top of that, I’m still hammering out the content of the second super special; I originally wanted to do a short story with Rusty and his cousin Dominic.  I’m thinking of maybe making this an anthology of short jokes with one longer story.  But that still needs to be decided.  I’ll have more news on that later.

There will be a Kickstarter around September to fund Sunnyville #18.  I want to have ample time to plan this one, promote it, devise a stronger strategy in funding this and, most of all, I want to get as much of Sunnyville #18 drawn as possible or even finished.  Tomorrow, I’ll be discussing Sunnyville #18 more with you readers.   Continue reading

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Taking Time To Write

Good evening, everyone.  This is a personal entry.  I’m content right now.  Sunnyville #17 is done, the Kickstarter for that comic wraps up tomorrow morning and I’m finally doing something I have been wanting to do for ages.

I’m writing a novel.

I started sometime ago by writing an outline with a basic plot and summary.  I have worked since early this morning typing my novel.  My goal is to finish it by next Sunday evening.  The strategy I’m following is to work at it by typing at least 5,000 words daily but aiming for an optimal number of 10,000 words daily.

That is doable based on the advice from the book 9 Day Novel.  Consider that a novel is at least 40,000 to 50,000 words and usually goes higher than that.  A typical novel may run up to 80,000 words or more.

If all goes well, I have notes for a sequel to this novel and ideas for many more.  I hope to have more news about the novel’s progress next week.

Wish me luck, everyone!

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