Kickstarter Roundup 1/20/2017

I’ve been talking a lot about my own Kickstarter lately.  It’s still got 17 days left to go so please make sure you pledge today – there’s still 14 copies left of the Sunnyville Super Special #1!

Anyway, I want to mention some other amazing Kickstarter projects out there.  First up we have Sovereign: the Return by Andrew Huerta.

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Tonight, I was going to make an announcement to rally support for the Sunnyville Stories Kickstarter.  In spite of doing an amazing job in raising funds, we lagged for awhile and, just today even had a few pledges yanked.

Besides asking for the usual pledges and to tell others, I was also going to unveil more tactics in order to pull in backers.  Then, early this evening, I saw this.

Sunnyville Stories 2017 Kickstarter Goal Reached

I had to reload the page a few times to make sure I was not hallucinating.

The Sunnyville Stories Kickstarter has been fully funded.


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Review: The Art of Atari

Today, I have something of personal interest to me that I find handy for inspiration.  It’s an art book; many exist out there for television and feature films.  These books show the creative process behind such franchises like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and so on.  They serve as good inspiration for your own creative work plus anyone looking into working in the entertainment industry (concept art, film, animation, etc) can get an idea of how a finished product gets done from start to finish.  But enough about that.  Today, I have Art of Atari by Tim Lapetino (Dynamite Entertainment, 2016).

The Art of Atari Hardcover Book

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Kickstarter 2017 Day 7

With 23 days left to go, the Kickstarter has progressed at an amazing pace!  At this time, we have 21 backers and have raised US$230 out of US$350.  That is astounding.  Even I am surprised at how well the Kickstarter has done.

I don’t aim to rest here.  It’s my goal to make sure the Kickstarter succeeds and gets fully funded.

Make sure you pledge today to the Sunnyville Stories Kickstarter today!  Tell everyone you can about this spectacular comics Kickstarter too.

As a reminder, the US$10 reward tier is limited.  Only 30 copies of the Sunnyville Super Special #1 will be printed and, at the time of this writing, only 13 slots still remain open.  That’s all the more reason to pledge now!

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Sunnyville Stories #14, Pages 15-16

Welcome back, friends!  First, before we got to the comics pages, I have some news about the Kickstarter.  As of this writing on the evening of Jan. 11, 2017, the Kickstarter is now HALFWAY FUNDED!!  This is amazing – still though, we have to meet the funding goal so please pledge today and spread the word.  Anyway…getting back to the story…   Continue reading

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Kickstarter 2017 Day 3

The Sunnyville Stories 2017 Kickstarter is in its third day.  We’ve already raised over $100 and are over 30% to our goal.  That’s not bad at all, especially considering how bad the first Kickstarter went. Continue reading

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Sunnyville Kickstarter 2017 Press Release


For further information, contact

Funding Drive for Small Press Limited Edition Comic Has Begun

A crowdfunding effort to fund the Sunnyville Stories Super Special #1 commenced on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017.

This cozy comics creation is the brainchild of the daring Max West; telling the story of two anthropomorphic teenage cats – Rusty and Samantha – in a small village called Sunnyville, this acclaimed series has won noteworthy praise and has been presently collected in three trade paperbacks.

The goal of this funding drive, hosted by Kickstarter, is to raise US$350 by Feb. 7, 2017 to print a limited edition run of the Sunnyville Stories Super Special #1. This comic collects the following episodes of Sunnyville:

– Sunnyville Stories #13, “Games People Play”; an absorbing tale where Rusty and Sam encounter resistance from Rusty’s mom and the town nurse when they partake in a fantasy tabletop game.
– Sunnyville Stories #14, “Epidemic Proportions”; a dramatic story where Rusty falls ill with chicken pox. While a worried Sam takes care of Rusty, he falls into a deep sleep and meets two special guest stars in a dream – comic strip icon Little Nemo (created by
Winsor McCay) and the uncanny Dave Sim creation Cerebus the Aardvark!

In addition to these breathtaking narratives, the super special will also contain a hilarious vignette not available anywhere else! You couldn’t ask for a better comic.

Be sure to pledge to this influential Kickstarter today. Also, make sure you visit the official Sunnyville Stories blog at!

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The 2017 Kickstarter Day 1

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over.  The Sunnyville Stories 2017 Kickstarter has officially launched!

Sunnyville Stories Kickstarter Launch Screen Capture

It has launched.  The Sunnyville Stories Kickstarter is live!   Continue reading

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The Kickstarter Launches Tomorrow

The big day is almost here.  Tomorrow on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017, the Sunnyville Stories 2017 Kickstarter will launch.

After making so many plans, carefully preparing, contacting people and keeping notes, it all comes down to this.  It’s hard to say for sure what will happen.

This Kickstarter may very well be a success.

Then again, this Kickstarter may fail.

Going into this, I know that there are NO guarantees.  From what I’ve seen, it’s possible to do everything right, have a killer project, and a ton of followers – and still completely fail.

I choose though to go forward knowing that there are no guarantees and that failure may happen.

Things are different this time.  When that first Kickstarter launches, I didn’t have as many fans, allies and followers as I did now.  I also went into that blindly and not fully understanding crowdfunding.  My promotional strategy was very scattered and limited.  The reasons I failed were remembered and that’s why I spent months reviewing everything I could, keeping notes as I went along.

The Kickstarter launches tomorrow.  Stay tuned to this blog, my Twitter and Facebook page for news and updates as they happen.  May the Sunnyville Stories Kickstarter of January/February 2017 be a success.

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Sunnyville Stories #14, Pages 13-14

The story continues on, friends!   Continue reading

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