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Noodler’s Ink

Work continues on inking Sunnyville Stories #10.  I ran into a challenge a few days ago that ended up leading to a neat discovery.

Sunnyville #10 being inked

I’ve been unable to find Speedball Super Black India ink so far here in North Dakota.  I’ve had to settle for Higins Black Magic ink.  However, as I had found out on while inking Von Herling, Vampire Hunter, that ink doesn’t have a long shelf life.  After about 30 to 60 days, Black Magic breaks down into a very gray and splotchy ink.  It was impossible to get a rich and even black on the page!   Continue reading

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The Game Plan for 2015

As I explained before, I’m staying off the convention circuit for 2014.  I plan to return in 2015 when I hit Anthrocon once more and check out at least one other one.  However, I plan to overcome one of the biggest challenges that Sunnyville Stories faces.

Do you know what that is?

It doesn’t matter how good your work or your product is.  You could have the best and most cutting-edge creation – but if nobody knows about it, nobody buys.  Do you see what I’m saying?

What I lack is advertising!  I’m planning to raise awareness of my work by running ad spots inside of publications.  I’m in talks with a few specialty publications to run a few advertisements for Sunnyville Stories in 2015.  They would mainly be publications like the Comics Journal or Self-Pub Magazine.

I’m also planning to run advertisements in convention programs like Further Confusion 2015 or Anthrocon 2015.

Another aim will be to get more press coverage.  I want to see about the local newspaper here in Fargo; maybe they’d be willing to do a story about me and my work.  I also need more blog coverage and anything else to raise awareness of Sunnyville Stories.

If you represent a blog, newspaper or publication that would like to do a story about myself or my creation, you can reach me via email at maxwestart(at)gmail.com or you can write to:

Different Mousetrap Press LLC, 1100 19th Avenue N, #108, Unit J, Fargo ND 58102-2269

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How Far I’ve Gotten

The blog is approaching its fourth anniversary; it will turn four years old on August 1.  I can’t believe all that I’ve been through and all that has happened.  I have come very far.

Sunnyville Stories was conceived way back in 2005, nearly a decade ago.  It was shelved though and wasn’t revived until 2009 where I spent that ENTIRE year creating the characters, fleshing out the main protagonists (Rusty and Samantha), building the world and writing story ideas.  I was unsure what would become of the world of Sunnyville.

Over five years of work have gone into Sunnyville and I’ve come so far.  I have done ten entire stories (number ten is being inked right now) AND put out two entire books that are in bookstores and libraries.  That is nothing short of a miracle.  There are a lot of people out there who had all these neat ideas but never bothered to put them on paper.  There are others who never even got as far as their first story.  But look at me – I’ve done TEN ENTIRE STORIES featuring Rusty and friends.   Continue reading

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Sunnyville Episode 10, pages 3-4

I got some more inked pages to share with you today.  While Rusty meets some strangers in the woods, the plot will get kicked into high gear at the local general store.

Sunnyville #10, page 3

Continue reading

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Episode 10, page 2 inked

I have some more page scans to share with you today.  Compare these finished images with their pencil counterparts.

Page 2, top panel inked

Anyway, Rusty is wandering through the vast wilderness surrounding Sunnyville and encounters someone.  Rusty’s joke, as I explained before, is a shout-out to the 1979 film, the Muppet Movie.  Kermit the Frog and many of the characters make that joke throughout the movie.   Continue reading

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Delays with Episode 10 Pages

No blog post tonight friends. Stay tuned to the blog as there will be posts on Friday and Saturday.

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Scripts for numbers 11 and 12

Work continues on Sunnyville #10 at a slow pace, but it is coming along.  There comes the next phase…the writing.  Once I finish one of Rusty and Sam’s adventures, there’s no time to rest.  I have to start all over again with their next adventure.

Sunnyville Stories episode 11 is going to be titled “The Artful Dodger”.  Much like the eighth story, it’ll be a parent versus child conflict.  Sam’s older brother, Rolf, will be returning and we’ll meet Sam’s cousins too.  They’ll be debuting in this next story.  The theme of the story is intended to be choosing a career.   Continue reading

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Drawing Sunnyville and Drawing Life

Readers, I must apologize for failing to update the blog during the week.

Anyway, work is slow on Sunnyville number 10, but it’s steady.

Inking Sunnyville pages

Continue reading

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I helped Stan Sakai!

Sometime ago, I reported that I was donating artwork to help out Stan Sakai.  The Cartoon Art Professional Society had organized a charity auction to help pay for the medical expenses of Sakai’s wife.

I only found out just now that my artwork was sold back on April 13 of this year!  It was sold on Ebay for US$15.50!

I’m glad I was able to help out Stan Sakai and his wife.  I had the honor of meeting Stan in person at Anthrocon in the past and helping him out really makes me feel great.

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