More of the Number 11 Script

Picking up from where we left off last time (with the cold open), Rusty and Sam get ready for the arrival of Sam’s cousins.   Continue reading

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Episode 11 Script Excerpt

I have a partial script done for Sunnyville Stories #11.  It’s quite a challenge as doing the tenth story took a lot out of me.  I also had to review my story treatment several times.  Anyway, I just have a cold open for this story.  Let’s take a look at what I have so far, okay?

EPISODE 11: The Artful Dodger

By Max West

Copyright 2014 – Different Mousetrap Press LLC
All Rights Reserved

As always, the general store in Sunnyville was busy. It was the only real store in town that sold everything. While there was a candy shop, a used bookstore and two junk shops, the general store was the only place where you could get anything from fabric to groceries to dry goods to maps.   Continue reading

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Done At Last with 10!

Sunnyville Stories #10 is finally finished and has been put to bed!

On top of that, I want to announce that I was able to contact Bob Burden and got his permission.  The Flaming Carrot will be making a cameo appearance in Sunnyville Stories #11!

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The Next Ten Stories

This week, Sunnyville Stories Volumes 1 and 2 got reviewed on No Flying No Tights.

The review overall was a mixed bag.  While the review praised the art style and the nostalgic feel, there was some rough spots noted.  It’s written that there’s “minimal character development with not enough movement in the plot” and “the dialogue feels forced at times.”  (On another note, the reviewer mistakenly refers to the main male protagonist as “Max” and not his correct name of RUSTY.)   Continue reading

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No Flying No Tights reviews Sunnyville Stories

Comics review blog No Flying No Tights took notice of Sunnyville Stories Volumes 1 and 2.

It’s given me a lot of food for thought; I’ll talk about that this weekend.

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One-Fifth Through Sunnyville

I’ve completed ten entire stories starring Rusty, Sam, and all of Sunnyville.  What I did is nothing short of impressive.  I have done what very few people have done.  There are many creative types out there who NEVER get past their first story or even finish them.

There are people who never get past the planning stages either.

There will be a total of fifty stories in the saga of Sunnyville.  Having ten whole stories done means I’m now one-fifth of the way through the stories of Rusty and Sam.  I should be happy.

But for some strange reason, I feel empty.   Continue reading

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Number 10 Finished!

After many delays and moving across the United States, Sunnyville Stories episode 10 “Listen to the Music” has finally been finished!

Signing the last page of Sunnyville Stories #10

Signing the last page of Sunnyville Stories #10

It took a lot of time, but I finally finished this installment!   Continue reading

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Wrapping up Number 10

Sunnyville Stories #10 is still being finished at this time.  I’ve been struggling with all kinds of delays; I was unable to work last weekend as I was entertaining visiting family.

Drying Sunnyville #10 pages

Some of the line work is drying as this blog post goes live.   Continue reading

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Earth Alliance Kickstarter

There’s a Kickstarter going on for the second issue of Earth Alliance.

Please help out today with a donation!

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The Next Stories of Rusty and Sam

Work is slow but sure on Sunnyville Stories #10, but it will be finished soon after so many delays.  I have much to reflect on once that is done…but that’s for another post once the work is finished.

I’ll talk more about episode 11 once I finish the the tenth story.  But I do have some interesting stories lined up for Rusty and Sam.  There will be some ups and downs for the duo in the future.

Sunnyville Stories #12 will be a mystery story called “The Case of the Crushed Cake”.  The story will be told from Rusty’s point of view – he’ll be narrating it in other words.  Rusty plays detective when he tries to find out whether Christina (youngest daughter of the town bakers) wrecked her parents’ cake.  This story came from some of the detective stories I used to read years ago.  I used to read the Berenstain Bears books where Brother, Sister and Cousin Fred would be the Bear Detectives, a group of kid sleuths.  I was also an avid reader of Encyclopedia Brown by the late Donald J. Sobol.  Remembering these books made me think…what if Rusty decided to play detective?   Continue reading

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