Dominic and Claire Kickstarter Work

To that end, I am working

Welcome back, friends. I apologize for not updating last week but I have been busy. As you all know, the Dominic & Claire Return Kickstarter is launching on Tuesday April 30. It is imperative that by Sunday night tomorrow on April 21 that I finish the Kickstarter and its video for submission to the Kickstarter staff.

To that end, I am working on the first few pages of the comic. These will be used in the Kickstarter page itself as well as the video.

This is one of the new characters introduced in the comic for a one-page gag. His name is Pinky. He’s a pig who is one of Dominic’s friends. His gimmick is that, like comedian Harpo Marx, he never says anything. Everything he does is pantomime.

These are the thumbnails that I’ve devised for the first story in Dominic & Claire Return. I spent time on those thumbnails as these pages will be used for the Kickstarter sample images and the video.

As you can see here, my sketches and thumbnails are set to go. I’ll be getting to drawing in a bit.

I will share another blog post tomorrow once I get everything finished and running. Stay tuned!

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The Future Ahead for Rusty and Dominic

This second entry today on Sunday March 31, 2019 AD is a personal one but also a big one for my comics.

There will be NO update next weekend as I will be in New York City visiting family.

Next after that, my webcomic Tiffany & Corey will be getting daily updates Monday to Friday all through the month of April. So be sure to check that out.

As I announced before, the Kickstarter for Dominic & Claire Return will launch on Tuesday April 30. For the rest of today and into the week, I will be contacting potential backers.

To be honest, I am strongly debating investing more in Dominic, Rusty’s cousin, as opposed to Rusty, the protagonist of Sunnyville. I do feel strongly about Dominic & Claire as it is humor and that has a broader appeal to the more artistic and “personal” Sunnyville. What I am trying to say is that I can’t guarantee a set date for when I will work on Sunnyville #18 and #19. Once I return from New York, I will be throwing 100% effort into Dominic & Claire. Besides their Kickstarter and its comic, I’m drafting notes for a mini-series of about two to four comics involving those characters. If things go well, I want to see about getting Dominic & Claire into the direct market, either through Diamond or through another source.

It is hard to predict what will happen for Sunnyville and I haven’t plotted out an exact schedule. Once I return and see how the planned Dominic & Claire Kickstarter fares, I hope to plan out a better strategy.

That’s it for now. See you in two weeks, fans!

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Toys Collectibles Curiosities Expo March 2019 Report

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. This is the first of two blog posts today. I need to get this event report out of the way. Yesterday on March 30, 2019, the Toys Collectibles & Curiosities Expo was held in Moorhead Center Mall in nearby Moorhead, Minnesota.

The one-day event saw the sales of comic books (such as mine), toys, videocassettes, videodiscs, books, artwork and other merchandise. Of course, a farmers market was also held in the Moorhead Center Mall that day; fruits, vegetables, bread, meat, pastries and other such comestibles were available. This helped pull in a lot more traffic than usual. That worked to my advantage which I will get to in a bit.

I was set up with my various comics. Some of my older comics stock was put into envelopes which I dubbed “mystery packs”. Also there was Sunnyville volume 1, Sunnyville #17 and the Dominic & Claire Funnies (still for sale on DriveThru).

I was aggressively pushing the Dominic & Claire Funnies since it was in color, all ages and had a low price point. I sold some of the copies. What helped even more was because of the farmers market, a ton of foot traffic came by my table.

People attending the Toys Expo

So how did I do?


I made back my table fee plus extra by selling off a number of my older comics stock as well as copies of the Dominic & Claire Funnies! To say I’m excited is an understatement. However, I do not plan to rest on my laurels. I have a Kickstarter to launch on April 30. I will continue to pitch the Dominic & Claire Funnies too. And there’s my webcomic…but that’s for later.

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Notes for March 24, 2019

I have a few short announcements for today regarding my comics.

First, don’t forget that I am appearing on Saturday March 30 at the Moorhead Center Mall. I will be participating as a vendor at the Toys Collectibles & Curiosities Expo. My comics will be for sale. The Dominic & Claire Funnies will be available at the low price of US$1.25 along with some other comics. I’m also liquidating some of my single issue stock so look for that there too.

Also, the Dominic & Claire Return Kickstarter will be launching on Tues. April 30. I discussed that in yesterday’s post so mark your calendars and get your money ready.

Speaking of Dominic & Claire Return, the script is ready as I finished it in the wee hours of the morning. Production on the comic itself will starts next week after I finish up with the Toys Expo.

My focus for the rest of the day is getting a special experiment ready. As you know, I also do a webcomic titled Tiffany & Corey. I aim to a special “trial” run where I update the comic on a daily basis of Monday thru Friday instead of its usual semi-weekly schedule (Tuesdays and Fridays). The original plan was to do this in May. However there has been a change of plans due to unforeseen circumstances. I am moving this trial run ahead to April. For every weekday in April from April 1 to the end, I will do daily updates of Tiffany & Corey. Once that is done, I will review the results and the website traffic to said site. Should this turn out to be successful and not too much of a strain, I may make Tiffany & Corey daily in the future. I hope to have more news on that as it develops.

That’s it for now. Get ready for the Dominic & Claire Return Kickstarter on April 30!

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Dominic and Claire Return: The Kickstarter!

Today is the day of the big announcement. I’m announcing my next Kickstarter and I am definitely fired up about this. How is that? Work on the Kickstarter page itself has already started before this official announcement.

Dominic & Claire Funnies Cover

Back in February, the Dominic & Claire Funnies was released. This digest-size comic, also available in digital format over on DriveThru Comics, is a humor spin-off from Sunnyville Stories featuring Rusty’s adorable and witty cousin Dominic. This comic got a good write-up over on Root Beer Party and I want to build on this success with another hilarious comic.

On Tuesday April 30, a Kickstarter will launch to raise a sum of US$625 to fund a print run of about 500 copies of “Dominic & Claire Return”, a 20-page black & white digest-size comic featuring about three funny stories with a page or two of filler gag material.

The printing of the comic itself will cost around $408. On that note, it should be a quick job once the funds clear. The firm that is printing this comic is right here in the United States, they offer free shipping if your order total is a certain threshold and their turnaround time is just a couple of days instead of several weeks. This is good for both myself and my backers as rewards can be fulfilled quicker.

Postage and shipping costs, based on my estimates and research, will run around $130. This does take into account that I will have a handful of foreign backers such as in Canada and the United Kingdom. That brings us to a total of $538. We will need to add on an extra 10% to that figure. Processing fees take about 3-5% and the people at Kickstarter take a 5% cut for themselves which raises the total to around $591.80. The final total we aim to raise will be $625 as anything extra is meant to cover unforeseen challenges.

The Kickstarter itself will run for about 30 days. Should it succeed (and I am optimistic it will), rewards will be mailed out by early June at the latest thanks to the quick turn around times. Now let’s get onto the rewards.

A pledge of $3 gets you a copy of Dominic & Claire Return mailed out to you anywhere in the world.

A pledge of $6 gets you both a copy of Dominic & Claire Return PLUS the Dominic & Claire Funnies mailed out to you anywhere in the world. That’s TWO WHOLE COMICS you’re getting.

A pledge of $15 gets you both of the above comics mailed out to you anywhere in the world. Plus you get a PDF copy of Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 featuring Dominic’s cousin Rusty and an extra comic of mine (which has yet to be determined).

A pledge of $30 gets you both the above comics, the PDF copies of Sunnyville Volume 1, the extra comic PLUS you will get a PDF copy of Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 featuring Dominic’s cousin Rusty.

A retailer special is being devised and will be announced later; this will be a good one for those who own any kind of storefront like a comic shop.

I will also offer two slots for a special $100 pledge. You will get all of the above rewards plus two extra ones! You will get a free 8.5 x 11 piece of color artwork with either Dominic or Claire (your choice). You will also be drawn into one of the comic pages inside Dominic & Claire Return! Yes, I will draw a likeness of you or a character of yours into the comic itself!

Remember that we launch on Tuesday April 30! Mark your calendars and get your money ready to back Dominic & Claire Return!

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Big Kickstarter Announcement this weekend

I have to apologize for not being able to update last weekend. My laptop was updating the whole weekend and I couldn’t use it.

Stay tuned for an announcement this weekend. There will be a Kickstarter around April 30 to fund my next comic, Dominic & Claire Return.

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Dominic and Claire on DriveThru

First, a few announcements before getting started…

This weekend has had me working on taxes.  As this post goes live, I am still working on them.  That’s an annual thing for me and is something you really need to think about if you want to make comics on the professional level.

Second, I am working to convert my webcomic Tiffany & Corey into a daily comic instead of the more sporadic one I currently update.  There’s more details on that site about my plans.

Also, I will be at the Toys Curiosities & Collectibles Expo on Saturday March 30 in Moorhead Center Mall of Moorhead, Minnesota.  Sunnyville comics will be for sale there so look for me there!  And now for a big announcement…   Continue reading

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Taxes, Kickstarters and More for 2019

I do have an announcement to make today.  The Kickstarter I announced recently for Tiffany & Corey?  It has been cancelled.

I have had some things come up.  One is that I have to take care of the annual taxes.  Also next month, I’ll be making a visit to New York and I won’t be able to adequately promote the Kickstarter in advance as I should.

I am planning more Kickstarters for this year though.  Next on my list (once my taxes are done) will be Sunnyville Stories #18.  This will the long awaited time travel story I have been working on.  On top of that, it will be the first of my comics done in the standard comic book size.  There will be a Kickstarter to fund this so stay tuned for more details about that.

Don’t forget that I will be at the Toys Collectibles & Curiosities Exposition over in Moorhead, Minnesota on Saturday March 30.  Sunnyville comics will be on sale along with Dominic & Claire.  It’s free to the public and worth checking out.

That’s it for now.  I’ll have more news for everyone next weekend!

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FM Comicon 2019 Day 2

The second day of FM Comicon 2019 didn’t see as much foot traffic as yesterday.  Part of that owed to the rough winter we’ve had in the area (there was a blizzard warning in effect and flights at the local airport were cancelled).

FM Comicon 2019 Sunday

As you can see, not as many people came this day.

My table display

There’s my table set up for the last day of the convention.  Here’s another photo.

FM Comicon 2019 vendors

So how did the convention go for me?

Better than I expected.  I sold more comics that last year, including some of the Dominic & Claire comics!  I didn’t break even but I still did better than the previous year.  However I don’t aim to rest on my laurels.

Another event is planned for March 30 but I’ll have another post on that later.

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FM Comicon 2019 Day 1

FM Comicon 2019 was quite intense yesterday!  I arrived and set my wares up.

FM Comicon 2019 merchandise

I just had Sunnyville volume 1 instead of all my usual books.  Also with me was the Sunnyville Super Special #2 from my Kickstarter last year.   Continue reading

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