Sunnyville Stories Episode 18

Welcome back, readers.  I’m going to be going ahead with Sunnyville Stories #18 once #17 is processed and sent off to the printers.

I have discussed this before.  Sunnyville episodes 17 through 22 are what I have dubbed “the Golden Age” of Sunnyville.  Why?  These are stories I have been really wanting to draw for a long time now.  When I conceived Sunnyville in 2009 and was busy generating story ideas, I really had fun with these.  I’m also considering this run of stories to be the best ones I’ve done.   Continue reading

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Updates on Kickstarter and the next Sunnyville

To my readers, Sunnyville fans and all of you out there – I have to apologize to all of you for neglecting my blog.  I have been very busy with a variety of things regarding Kickstarter, writing, publishing and my comics.  Let’s get started first with Kickstarter.

I announced some time ago that I’m doing another Kickstarter to fund the Sunnyville Super Special #2.  I originally slated that for launch on June 13, but I am now delaying the Sunnyville Super Special #2 Kickstarter until JANUARY 2019!  I was reluctant to do this but this is probably a smart move.  Doing one so soon after I wrapped up another one could strain me too much.  Plus this may very well interfere with fulfilling the rewards for the Sunnyville #17 Kickstarter.  On top of that, I’m still hammering out the content of the second super special; I originally wanted to do a short story with Rusty and his cousin Dominic.  I’m thinking of maybe making this an anthology of short jokes with one longer story.  But that still needs to be decided.  I’ll have more news on that later.

There will be a Kickstarter around September to fund Sunnyville #18.  I want to have ample time to plan this one, promote it, devise a stronger strategy in funding this and, most of all, I want to get as much of Sunnyville #18 drawn as possible or even finished.  Tomorrow, I’ll be discussing Sunnyville #18 more with you readers.   Continue reading

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Taking Time To Write

Good evening, everyone.  This is a personal entry.  I’m content right now.  Sunnyville #17 is done, the Kickstarter for that comic wraps up tomorrow morning and I’m finally doing something I have been wanting to do for ages.

I’m writing a novel.

I started sometime ago by writing an outline with a basic plot and summary.  I have worked since early this morning typing my novel.  My goal is to finish it by next Sunday evening.  The strategy I’m following is to work at it by typing at least 5,000 words daily but aiming for an optimal number of 10,000 words daily.

That is doable based on the advice from the book 9 Day Novel.  Consider that a novel is at least 40,000 to 50,000 words and usually goes higher than that.  A typical novel may run up to 80,000 words or more.

If all goes well, I have notes for a sequel to this novel and ideas for many more.  I hope to have more news about the novel’s progress next week.

Wish me luck, everyone!

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Sunnyville Number 17 Finished

I owe all you readers and fans an apology for not recently updating the blog in regards to Sunnyville Stories #17.  I have been so busy working on it.

I do have good news, everyone.  It has been finished at last!  Late Sunday night, I finished and signed the last page to Sunnyville #17!

Signing the last page of Sunnyville #17

Continue reading

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Saturday May 5th Event!

I have some breaking news, everyone!

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, I will be attending a show at the Moorhead Center Mall at 510 Center Avenue in Moorhead, Minnesota.

I will be there from 10AM to 5PM selling comics, books and original artwork.  Both drawings and paintings from Sunnyville Stories as well as others will be available for sale.

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Sunnyville Number 17 Kickstarter FUNDED!

Late last night, the Sunnyville Stories #17 Kickstarter made its funding goal.

Let me repeat that…


Sunnyville #17 Kickstarter Fully Funded Screenshot

The goal has been made but there’s still over three weeks to go until the end date.

We are now going into stretch goals.  The current stretch goal is to get up to US$400.  If we get up to $400, there will be ten extra copies of Sunnyville #17 printed up, bringing the planned micro run to 60 copies total.  On top of that, each person who pledged at the US$4 reward tier and above will get a FREE DIGITAL ART PRINT not available anywhere else.

The Kickstarter is fully funded but we are far from finished.  Make sure you pledge today and tell others about this Kickstarter.  There’s plenty of rewards left!

Back the Sunnyville Stories #17 Kickstarter today!

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Sunnyville Number 17 Kickstarter Progress

We are about 4 days into the Kickstarter and have done such an amazing job. We are 91% funded so far!

All of the US$50 reward tiers I offered are all taken as are the early bird specials for the campaign’s first 48 hours.

In spite of this though, we still remain at 91%. We still have not gotten up to 100% funding.

I am encouraging anyone who hasn’t done so to pledge today to the Kickstarter. If you are waiting to pledge, now would be a good time. Most of all, if you have backed the campaign or even if you haven’t, please spread the word.

You can find more about the Kickstarter here along with its updates.

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Notes for April 7, 2018

Good evening, readers and Sunnyville fans.  This is more of a personal entry.

First, I wanted to mention that the Sunnyville Stories #17 Kickstarter is live.  It launched today and already we are past 50% funded!  That is amazing and exceeded my expectations.  Be sure to pledge if you didn’t and tell others about it.   Continue reading

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Sunnyville Number 17 Kickstarter NOW LIVE!!

Attention!  The Sunnyville Stories #17 Kickstarter is now live!

Sunnyville #17 Kickstarter Launch Screenshot

The Kickstarter launches this morning at just after 7:00AM Central Time!  Be sure to pledge today!  Our goal is a modest US$300 but we still need the support of Sunnyville fans like you.

Make sure you pledge today to the Sunnyville #17 Kickstarter!

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Sunnyville Number 17, Pages 3-4

Good day, everyone!  This blog post is going live while I’m off on a trip in New York City.  Anyway, we have more pages of Sunnyville #17 to share today.  So…on with the show!   Continue reading

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