Fargo Moorhead Comic Con 2018 Next Week

Don’t forget that next weekend is Fargo Moorhead Comic Con.  I will be at this event!

It is scheduled for Saturday Feb. 24 and Sunday Feb. 25 at the Ramada on 3333 13th Avenue S.

I will be present at the convention.  I’ll be putting some original artwork up for sale along with Sunnyville comics, trade paperbacks, some older things I aim to clear out and hand-drawn greeting cards.

There’ll be other things to do besides meeting your humble creator here.  There’s cosplay, panels and guests like Phil Hester.

That’s next weekend on Sat. 2/24 and Sun. 2/25.  If you’re going to be in the Fargo, ND metro area, check this event out!

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Sunnyville Number 17 Underway!

Ladies and gentlemen, Sunnyville Stories #17 is underway!  Remember that the Kickstarter to fund this comic will launch on Saturday April 7th!  I’ll have more on that as the day draws near.

Also, next weekend will be Fargo-Moorhead Comicon.  I will be there and I’ll have more info on that tomorrow.

Here is where we stand on Sunnyville #17 – the story will run about 30 pages.  I did meet a self-imposed challenge where I aimed to make the story no more than 34-35 pages.  The pencils are progressing on schedule and I aim to have at least 10 out of 30 pages pencilled by Sunday night.   Continue reading

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Announcing the Sunnyville Stories Number 17 Kickstarter

Now that the Sunnyville Vol. 4 Kickstarter has ended, it’s time to announce the next one.

On Saturday, April 7, we will launch the Sunnyville Stories #17 Kickstarter!

This Kickstarter is intended to fund Sunnyville Stories #17, an exciting story titled “Some Guys Have All The Luck”.  (I’ll have more on this story later.)

The goal for this Kickstarter will be US$300, a modest goal but achievable.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the planned funds.

The cost of a micro run of 50 copies for Sunnyville #17 (estimated at no more than 36 pages) will run around $98.50.  Shipping those comics to me will cost about $13.65.  First class mail to 20 backers (mailing the comics to said backers) will run a cost of $57.80.  International first class mail to 4 backers (I have had backers in Canada and Britain) will run about $24.00.  The cost of padded envelopes goes for about $60.00 and I do have a local supplier on that.

That brings the total so far to about $253.95.  Adding in the fees for processing and the Kickstarter cut plus a little extra to cover anything unseen brings the grand total up to $300.  Those of you who remember the Sunnyville Stories Super Special Kickstarter will recall that funding goal was slightly higher.

Our goal is $300 but there are at least two stretch goals planned.  The rewards that are planned?  They are as follows.

As little as $1 will get our thanks and your name printed in the comic.

A pledge of $4 gets your name in the comic plus a free PDF copy

A pledge of $8 gets your name in the comic, a free PDF copy and a print copy mailed out to you anywhere in the world.

For retailers, there’ll be a pledge of $25 available for you.  That will get you about 4 print copies of Sunnyville #17 to sell in your shop as well as your name printed in the comic AND you’ll get some neat point-of-sale items to promote the work to customers (flyers, posters, etc).  This however will be limited to about 3 backers.

There’ll be a $50 pledge level too for about 3 to 4 backers.  That is still being worked out at the time of this writing.  There may be other rewards too including early bird specials.

Remember – the Sunnyville #17 Kickstarter launches on Sat. April 7, 2018 and has a goal of $300.  Stay tuned as I’ll have some more info on the story itself.

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The Sunnyville Volume 4 Kickstarter Ends

Ladies and gentlemen, I have ended the Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 Kickstarter early.

The Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 Kickstarter did NOT make its goal.

To all those people who pledged to the campaign and stumped for me, thank you.

So what is next?  I have good news and bad news.

First comes the bad news.  Sunnyville Stories Vol. 4 is hereby delayed until at least 2019.  That’s an optimistic release date; it’s possible the book may not see release until 2020 or 2021.

So what is the good news?  On Saturday, April 7, a NEW Kickstarter is launching.  We are going to crowdfund a micro run of Sunnyville Stories #17!  Stay tuned.  In about an hour from now, we’ll have a blog post about that.

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Sunnyville Number 17 and Writing

Welcome back.  First, if you didn’t already, pledge to the Sunnyville Vol. 4 Kickstarter.  

I picked up a book this weekend that is meant to help me do something I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

This book – 9 Day Novel: Writing Fiction – is going to be my ticket to writing a full-length prose novel.   Continue reading

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Kickstarter 2018 Final Week

The last week of the Sunnyville Stories Volume 4 Kickstarter has arrived.

I’m going to be honest right now with everyone and will not give false hope – the Kickstarter is going very badly.

For some strange reason, we have not gone beyond the 27% funding mark.  I’m bewildered at why this is so.

Regardless, this is the fourth quarter and nothing short of a Hail Mary is going to save us.  Despite this, I aim to see it through to the end.  If you have not pledged or have been holding off, please pledge today to the Sunnyville Stories Vol. 4 Kickstarter.

If you cannot pledge to the Kickstarter, then tell others about the campaign.

Should no significant improvements occur with our funding level by tomorrow, I’m going to prepare my contingency, codenamed “PLAN B”.  Should this fail, PLAN B will be initiated and you’ll receive full details about it.  Stay tuned for more news.

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Sunnyville Number 16 Finished

Sunnyville Stories #16 has been finished at last!

Sunnyville #16 pages drying

Continue reading

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Sunnyville Number 16 Home Stretch

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the home stretch for Sunnyville Stories #16.  I’m getting working on the last pages.

Drying Sunnyville Stories #16 page

It has been a challenge.  See this page?  When I filled in the black areas with ink, some of it ended up spattering on the top of the page.  I had to wait for it to dry and then go over it with white acrylic paint.   Continue reading

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Kickstarter Rewards For Backing Two Campaigns!

Welcome back!  I have a new Kickstarter project update but I will repeat it here on the blog.

In addition to my own Kickstarter, another one just launched.  This has been organized by Maxwell Majernik and is intended to fund Prospects #1-2.

You should back this one too and for a good reason.  Anyone who backs both my Sunnyville Volume 4 Kickstarter AND Maxwell’s Kickstarter will get an extra, exclusive reward!  That will be a digital Sunnyville art print NOT AVAILABLE anywhere else!

This will only happen though if both campaigns make their goals.  Don’t delay – make sure that you back both Kickstarters now!  The clock is ticking down!

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Kickstarter 2018 and Sales Taxes

Today’s blog post is more of a personal entry.  As this blog post goes live, I’m taking care of my sales tax return to file and remit sales tax to the state of North Dakota.  Just a brief reminder – anyone wanting to do comics for a living had better follow the proper business procedures and have the right paperwork.  If you are in the United States, that book I reviewed – the Small Time Operator – has a wealth of information.

The Kickstarter is also continuing in.  For some reason, many of the people I have contacted have not seemed to make any pledges.  This has confused me.  However, rather than assume the worst, I’m going to keep a positive attitude and do everything I can to make sure the Kickstarter succeeds.  If you haven’t done so, please back the Kickstarter and tell others about it.

Today, a plan was set in motion.  I have started to set aside money and also will invest it to help that money grow.  What do I hope to accomplish with this plan of saving & investing money?

I want to print a book collection of Tiffany & Corey, my webcomic.  But this time, it will be different.  I’m not going to be using digital printing to do a micro-run.  I’m looking to use offset printing to print a bigger run in the lower hundreds.  The number may be around 500-750 copies.

Some may remember that I did compared digital printing and offset printing in a past post.  Offset printing is the traditional way of how books and other items (magazines, newspapers, etc) are printed.  It is more expensive that digital printing but the more you print, the less the cost per unit is.  Digital printing is good for a few hundred copies but offset is better if you’re doing print runs in higher numbers like the higher hundreds or the thousands.

However, even assuming the most optimistic scenario with my plan, this will take some considerable time.  Between now and the time when the funds become available for the aforementioned book, it’ll be my responsibility to properly market my work and pull in sufficient traffic to the site in question.  In short, I need to cultivate fans much like I have with Sunnyville.

That’s all for now.  I have work to do.  Stay tuned here for more news and updates.

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