Sunnyville Ads to Get BIG EXPOSURE!

Greetings, friends.  I have some exciting news to share with you.  Tomorrow, I’ll wrap up my computer series and also I want to remind you to go back the Thunderchickens Kickstarter if you haven’t done so.

Sometime ago, I reported that Alterna Comics is doing a line of cheap newsprint comics.  They retail for US$1.50 each and are available in many comic book shops through Diamond as well as through newsstands.  I also reported that Sunnyville Stories is advertising in some of the summer and fall releases.   Continue reading

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The Thunderchickens Kickstarter

Today, I want to stump for another Kickstarter campaign.  This one is for a project called the Thunderchickens.

The Thunderchickens is a general audiences comic, not unlike Sunnyville Stories.  The campaign has roughly ten days left to make its goal of US$5,000.

The Thunderchickens is a superhero title but is a child-friendly title too and features other elements like family relationships to set it apart from the usual DC or Marvel fare.

With its offbeat premise, beautiful artwork and enthusiastic creators, the Thunderchickens is worth pledging to – be sure you spread the word about this magnificent comics Kickstarter today!

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Computers and Making Comics, Part 2

Picking up from where we left off last time, I’ll talk some more about computers and how they tie into making comics.

In this particular blog post, friends, I’ll discuss hardware.  Before we get started, I need to emphasize what I said the last time – technology is constantly changing.  It gets better and better year by year.  That cutting-edge, state-of-the-art latest model desktop unit you see in your friendly neighborhood computer store may become completely obsolete within as little as a year.  It is possible to get upgrades on older computers and retrofit them with increased capabilities.   Continue reading

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Computers and Making Comics, Part 1

Today, I’m going to talk about a tool in making comics that I haven’t really touched on yet.  That is the computer.

In today’s highly digital, Internet connected age, the computer has become one of the standard tools in making comics.  In some instances, it is the primary or even sole method of making comics.

It is not my intention to slam the computer method of making comics; I say this because I work traditionally and I have grown up as part of Generation X (I was born on the tail end of it), the first generation to grow up with personal technology like video games, home video, cable television, and (natch) computers.  In this series of blog posts, I want to give a basic overview of computers to make comics with and let you make your own decisions on whether they’re right for you.   Continue reading

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The Next Kickstarter To Be Announced Soon

Tonight, we have a special update.  First, I have some more pages up to my children’s picture book Hilda & Richie so be sure to take a look.

Next, the Kickstarter for the Auroraman/Axiom-Man team-up was fully funded!  When I shared my blog post last night, the Kickstarter was about halfway funded and had 24 hours to go.  I was astounded to learn that the Kickstarter met its goal, raising the second half of its goal and making it within a 24-hour period.  I did stump for this Kickstarter on my blog as well as my other channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking of Kickstarter, I’ll have a big announcement to make next month in June.  I am planning another Kickstarter early next year to fund my next book Sunnyville Stories Volume 4.  My successful Kickstarter from earlier this year has given me the momentum I need and valuable insight to do another one.

I’ve been busy.  Besides working on Sunnyville #15 and #16 (which will be in Sunnyville volume 4), I’ve been analyzing the data from the Super Special Kickstarter.  The numbers from there are impressive – I pulled in much traffic thanks to the blog, Twitter, Facebook and my supporters.  Still though, it is not enough.

To make sure the next one succeeds, I’m reviewing some new tactics from online workshops on Kickstarter and crowdfunding.  You’ll find out about those soon enough.  Stay tuned to the blog for more news and updates!

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Auroraman & Axiom-Man Kickstarter IN FINAL HOURS!!

There’s a Kickstarter in its final hours that needs your help!

This Kickstarter features two Canadian superheroes – the Auroraman created by Elaine Will & Jeff Burton and Axiom-Man created by A.P. Fuchs.

This Kickstarter is in its last hours.  It’s about halfway to its goal but only has a little over 24 hours to meet its funding goal.  It will not succeed if it doesn’t make its goal by tomorrow on Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 8:59PM Central Time.

If you have money to spare, please pledge to this Kickstarter.  If nothing else, spread the word!

UPDATE:  As of May 4, the Kickstarter has been fully funded!

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Notes for April 29, 2017

Welcome back to the Sunnyville Stories blog, fans and readers.  First, I want to remind you to sign up for the Sunnyville Stories mailing list if you haven’t yet.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some script excerpts there on upcoming Sunnyville comics.

Also, be sure to stop over to DriveThru Comics for digital copies of Sunnyville Stories.  Copies of Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 are still for sale on Amazon, both in print and Kindle formats!  While you’re there, be sure to pick up Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 and (if you love Gothic horror) Von Herling, Vampire Hunter!  And now available is the latest installment of the saga, Sunnyville Stories Volume 3.  Get them today!

Copies of all the above titles are available to the library trade via Brodart Company and to retailers from Ingram and Baker & Taylor (via BCH Distribution).  Copies are also available direct from the publisher.  For ordering information, contact maxwestart(at)gmail(dot)com or write to:

Different Mousetrap Press LLC, 1100 19th Avenue N, #108, Unit J, Fargo ND 58102-2269 USA   Continue reading

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Back to work on Sunnyville Number 15

Now that I have returned from New York City, it’s back to work on Sunnyville.  The scripts for Sunnyville #15 and #16 are both completed with elements of other scripts in existence.   Continue reading

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The Adventures of Auroraman and Axiom-Man Kickstarter

Hello, Sunnyville fans!  I’m back.  I will have another update this Saturday but tonight, I’ve come with a special appeal to all of you.

Writer and Sunnyville fan A.P. Fuchs has a special Kickstarter going on – it’s for a team-up novel involving his superhero, Axiom-Man, and another Canadian superhero, Auroraman.

The Kickstarter has about two weeks to go but is not quite at its goal.

I am asking you to please help out this Sunnyville fan and his creation.  Pledge if you are able to and be sure to spread the word.  Let’s do everything we can to make sure this Kickstarter succeeds!

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What You Really Need To Make Comics

Hello, Sunnyville fans.  As this blog post goes live, I am in New York City.  But no matter where you are, there’s something to consider if you want to make comics.

One of the biggest questions asked of the professionals is the tools they use.  That is usually the appeal of the comics or illustration profession – the low overhead involved as materials are quite affordable.  (This changes if you go the digital route and decide to invest in computer hardware and software.  But that is a whole other discussion for another day.)  All you need is paper, ink, pencils, pens, brushes, rulers and erasers – with all those, you are set to go.

To answer that questions myself, I use the pen for drawing.  I usually use a Speedball 512 or 513 nib for inking, supplemented with brushes for spotting blacks as well as a Uniball pen or a Hunt 107 nib for additional pen work.  I draw on smooth bristol board, which takes pen points well.   Continue reading

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