Kickstarter To Get Overhaul

I will keep this short. I am busy with my Kickstarter as well as the Dominic & Claire comics that this Kickstarter will fund.

Before I continue, I’d like to plus someone else’s Kickstarter. Chris Dickens has one for his upcoming comic The Ronin #2; go pledge to his Kickstarter and tell others about it!

As for me, my “coaching” on Kickstarter continues. I’ve had to do some recalculating and have been redoing the rewards I’ve been planning. The details post from earlier will be getting some revisions by tomorrow night so keep an eye out for that.

I’m not sure if I will have time to do more short takes with Dominic & Claire. Stay tuned, get ready for the Dominic & Claire Kickstarter launching on 9/4 and sign up for my mailing list today!

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Dominic and Claire Short Takes 8/4/2019

Time to share a few more short takes with Rusty’s cousin Dominic and his crush Claire. Also don’t forget about their Kickstarter launching in September and sign up to the email list while you’re at it.

And now…on with the show!

I think Dominic gives a new meaning to the term “tenderfoot”.

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Kickstarter and Announcements for 8/3/2019

A few brief announcements before we get started – first, don’t forget that Dominic & Claire Fun-Size will launch on Kickstarter on September 4. The details are subject to change and revision. If that is so, we’ll announce it here.

Also, be sure to join my mailing list which updates on Fridays.

On another note, my webcomic Tiffany & Corey will be ending in November of this year. But I will be developing a brand new one. You’ll find out about that soon enough.

Speaking of the Kickstarter, work is continuing. I know it is ambitious and I am haunted by my last failure. However, I am under the tutelage of a coach who has provided me with blueprints on how to construct a Kickstarter that succeeds.

A lot is riding on this next Kickstarter. I feel that if this one still fails, I’ll be letting a lot of people down.

I’ll be letting myself down.

I’ll be letting Dominic and Claire down.

I’ll be letting all my readers, blog visitors, email list and past Kickstarter backers down.

That’s why I can’t let any of them down. And I aim to get this September Kickstarter funded.

Watch for some more Dominic & Claire short takes tomorrow!

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Sunnyville Blog Turns 9 Years Old!

I will keep this brief.

The Sunnyville Stories blog is NOW 9 YEARS OLD!

That’s right – nine years ago today, on August 1st, in my former home of New York City, I launched this blog.

Let’s hope that there’s more great things in store for me, Sunnyville Stories and its spin-off Dominic & Claire.

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Dominic and Claire Short Takes 7/28/2019

And now, for a few Dominic & Claire short takes! Don’t forget their Kickstarter launches on 9/4 and subscribe to my email list too!

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Comics Plans for 2019, 2020 and 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, I have news for what you can expect from me and my comics from now into the early 2020s.

The main priority right now through September will be the Dominic & Claire Fun-Size Kickstarter, launching on Wed. Sept. 4. Also over the next few days, I will be giving the Max West comics mailing list an overhaul; it’s badly needed as the list is NOT working at all and it needs to be a big tool for my Kickstarter work. Incidentally, if you haven’t done so, please subscribe to my mailing list.

Come September, besides running the Kickstarter, I will commence work on Sunnyville Stories #18. When that kicks off, I’ll have news on that to share. So once the new decade of the 2020s end the 2010s, what should you expect from me?

Convention appearances will continue and so will my comics. Comics planned for the year 2020 include Sunnyville Stories #19, Sunnyville Stories #20, and two more comics with Dominic & Claire. The pending titles for these works are Dominic & Claire Circus and Dominic & Claire Extravaganza. It is still up in the air whether or not they’ll be digests like their first two comics or if I will go to the standard size comic book.

More Kickstarters are planned for 2020 as well and definitely for 2021. As some of you may know from here, my Twitter or the mailing list, I’m undergoing some special “training” for Kickstarter and how to really make it work. If all this works out, I will be able to fund ALL my comics through Kickstarter. I hope to run 2 to 4 Kickstarters a year going forward if all goes according to plan.

Kickstarters pending for 2020 include (and this is still subject to change):

  • Sunnyville Stories #18 (Jan/Feb 2020)
  • Dominic & Claire Circus (Spring 2020)
  • Dominic & Claire Extravanganza (TBD)
  • ????????? (TBD)

That last one is tied to something I will start work on in 2020. You’ll find out about that soon enough.

That’s all for tonight. Make sure you stay tuned here for more news. I will also have comics up tomorrow. Subscribe to the mailing list today while you’re at it. And get ready for Dominic & Claire Fun-Size on 9/4!

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Back Dust Bunny Mafia Kickstarter

I have come today before you with a special announcement. One of Sunnyville’s allies is on Kickstarter and needs your help.

Bret Juliano, creator of Dust Bunny Mafia, has launched a Kickstarter to fund a mini collection of his comic strips. While the goal is a modest one of US$800, he has only about twenty days to make the goal.

I recommend pledging as Dust Bunny Mafia is a fun read. Also be sure to spread the word about his Kickstarter today!

As a reminder, my next Kickstarter – Dominic & Claire Fun-Size – will launch on September 4. Get ready for it and subscribe to my mailing list if you haven’t yet for more news!

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Meet Claire

Welcome back, friends. Yesterday, I introduced Dominic, the protagonist of the upcoming Kickstarter (launching on Wed. 9/4). Let’s introduce the deuteragonist, Claire. But first, be sure to subscribe to my comics mailing list if you haven’t.

Claire color concept
Claire Adamsen

Claire Adamsen is a 14-year-old teenage girl who lives next door to Dominic’s family. She has an older brother, Chester (Dominic’s main rival), and her parents.

Claire is a typical teenage girl. She goes to high school, loves hanging out with her friends, blows bubble gum and makes extra money by babysitting.

Claire finds Dominic adorable in his raccoon costume

Claire cares a lot about Dominic. She has known him since he was born and has been close by his side, cuddling and kissing him frequently. She finds Dominic hilarious, often laughing at all the funny things he says and does. Claire plays the straight man role to Dominic’s wise guy, much like how Sam does this with Rusty.

She’s often happy and upbeat but even she has her limits. Sometimes, Claire will get upset at her brother for his jerk behavior or at Dominic if his jokes go too far. But she will not stay that way for long.

That’s it for now. Watch for the Dominic & Claire Fun-Size Kickstarter on 9/4. Subscribe to the mailing list too for more updates on that!

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Meet Dominic

Today’s blog post (and tomorrow’s) is meant to introduce Rusty’s cousin Dominic Duncan. I believe one of the reasons the first Kickstarter failed was that there was NOT enough of a connection between readers and Dominic; therefore, this post is a brief profile of Dominic. I did this with Rusty too back when I first launched the blog. Before we start, don’t forget that you should subscribe to my mailing list and that the Dominic & Claire Fun-Size Kickstarter launches on Wednesday 9/4.

Anyway, let’s meet our adorable protagonist.

Dominic Duncan

Dominic Duncan is a 7-year-old kitten who lives with this family (I’ll introduce them in a moment) in New Gestad, a mountain town founded by Swiss immigrants.

Dominic is like any other little boy; he goes to school, he plays sports, he loves video games…but he’s also a wisecracker just like his cousin Rusty. His appearance was influenced by Huckle Cat from Richard Scarry’s Busytown but his personality is based on American comedian Groucho Marx. He is quite close to Claire Adamsen, his teenage neighbor, and has a crush on her. Dominic likes Claire a lot because she is incredibly pretty and she laughs at his jokes.

Dominic’s main nemesis is Chester, Claire’s older brother. Chester objects to Dominic’s closeness with Claire; for this reason, Chester is on the receiving end of Dominic’s insults and antics.

The Duncan Family Pencil Sketch Concept

This is a rough pencil sketch of Dominic’s family. On the left is Harald Duncan, Dominic’s father and Rusty’s uncle. He is the town’s clockmaker and runs the family business. Next to him is Abigail, his wife and mother to both of the children. That kitten you see in the lower right is Lori, Dominic’s 5-year-old sister.

I guarantee that we will be seeing more of Dominic’s family in future comics.

Come back tomorrow as I will introduce Dominic’s friend Claire. Meanwhile, subscribe to the mailing list and get ready for our Kickstarter launching 9/4!

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Dominic and Claire Fun-Size Kickstarter Details

Welcome back, friends. Just as I said I would, I want to go more into detail about the Kickstarter for Dominic & Claire Fun-Size. We launch on Wednesday morning of September 4, 2019.

A brief DISCLAIMER before we start: All information in here is subject to change. In the buildup to the actual Kickstarter, I may adjust the numbers and rewards. I’ll try to share that as often as possible with you fans.

Anway, the planned goal is a more ambitious one. This time the goal is US$800. While still below the $1000+ mark, I feel it can be done. I have some new strategies to be unleashed both before and during this Kickstarter; this time, I’m confident we can win.

As for cost breakdown, the item we aim to fund is a 5.5 by 8.5 inch (digest size) comic book with a black/white interior count of 16 pages. It will contain short vignettes with Rusty Duncan’s cousin, Dominic, and his teenage neighbor, Claire. The print run of this comic will be 500 copies; an American printer called Dazzle Printing will be used. Besides free shipping to me, their turnaround time is quick at about 4 business days. This means I will get the items quickly and send them out to backers without having to wait on delays. That printing will run around $411.73.

A sufficient supply of 6 x 9 inch padded envelopes will run around $76. Estimated postage to domestic backers (first class mail) will run around $175 while postage to a handful of expected international backers should run around $28.35.

That brings our total to $691.08. Adding on an additional 10% to that (covering Kickstarter’s take and processing fees) brings it to $760.18. Adding on a little extra to cover anything unexpected brings it to $800.

Now let’s get onto the rewards! The basic reward tier is $10. That will get you a copy of Dominic & Claire Fun-Size plus a copy of the Dominic & Claire Funnies. On top of that, you will get a black & white inked drawing of Dominic or Claire (your choice)! All these will be mailed out to you anywhere in the world!

A special early bird reward tier at $15 will be available too. That will include the above rewards and you will get two extra digest size comics of mine sent to you. This will be limited to only 5 backers.

Next up is a $25 reward tier that is limited to only 4 backers. You get copies of both Fun-Size and the Funnies, the character sketch, plus you will get original color comic art of one of the four milestone bonus comics I’ll be doing (I’ll explain that in a bit).

A bigger reward tier of $75 is limited to only two backers. You will get both comics and the character sketch mailed out to you plus two special items! You will get the original cover art, either for Dominic & Claire Fun-Size or the unused cover for the first incarnation of this comic (Dominic & Claire Return). You (a character or caricature) will also appear as a cameo in a one-page gag in the Fun-Size comic!

A reward tier will be offered to anyone with a retail business too. Each and every one who backs the Kickstarter will get their name printed in the comic. There’s going to be a unique strategy employed here called a milestone bonus. When we reach the following funding levels – 25 %, 50%, 75% and 100% – everyone who pledged will get a milestone bonus in the form of an extra comic…in color! It will feature Dominic and/or Claire in a humorous situation!

Now doesn’t that sound awesome? Remember that we need your support for funding so mark your calendars for Wed. Sept. 4! Subscribe to my mailing list and this blog too for more news!

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