9 days left until Dominic and Claire Circus

We have 9 days remaining until the Kickstarter launch of Dominic & Claire Circus, another Sunnyville Stories spin-off.

Everything is coming together. As I type this, I’m finishing up the Kickstarter project page. My aim is to finish everything by Wednesday night and submit it to the Kickstarter staff for approval.

I’ve never had any problems before so that approval should be no problem at all.

Stay tuned here for more news and get ready!

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10 Days Left Until Dominic and Claire Circus

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have ten whole days remaining until the launch of Dominic & Claire Circus (another Sunnyville Stories spin-off) on Kickstarter!

All morning, work has been going at a breakneck pace.


That image you see there is from the Kickstarter project page; the work is finally taking shape. A short time ago, the video was finished and uploaded.

For the rest of today and into tomorrow, I will be working on finalizing the Kickstarter project page as there is much text and images to put there.

The countdown will continue tomorrow. Don’t forget to back Dominic & Claire Circus when it launches on Wednesday morning January 29, 2020!!

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Dominic and Claire Circus Kickstarter Countdown

On Wednesday, January 29, another Kickstarter of mine for the Sunnyville Stories spin-off, Dominic & Claire, will be launching.

This will be for a digest-size comic with 24 interior pages titled Dominic & Claire Circus. Our goal this time is $1000.

Starting tomorrow, I will do a countdown every day from then until launch day on Wed. 1/29.

Stay tuned here for more news and for the countdown!

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Help Dust Bunny Mafia on Kickstarter

Before I talk about my own Kickstarter, I have some big news and a special request.

Bret Juliano, the creator of Dust Bunny Mafia, has organized another Kickstarter for his work.

Running until Feb. 15 is Blind Tiger: A Dust Bunny Mafia Comic Collection.  The goal is $6,000.

Make sure you back Dust Bunny Mafia on Kickstarter and tell others too!

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A New Year and a New Decade

It is now 2020. A whole new year and a whole new decade.

I started drawing comics regularly in 2010. I got off to a good start.

Let’s make sure this decade gets off to a good start.

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Want an exclusive look at my first comic for 2020?

Well, don’t you?

Would you like to have a special inside look at my next comic, Dominic & Claire Circus? (As a reminder, a Kickstarter for this launches on January 29, 2020.)

I will share material on my mailing list on Friday December 27, 2019 about the comic such as what to expect, a few new characters and even a handful of script excerpts (the script was finished earlier today). This material will NOT be anywhere else – not here on the blog, not Twitter, not Facebook, etc.

If you want to see this exclusive inside look (you know you want to), then sign up below for my mailing list!

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Notes for December 15, 2019

I have a few announcements today. First, there will be no updates next week as I am taking off for Christmas. After Christmas and into the new year, I will kick things into high gear as I have a Kickstarter to do.

The Kickstarter I plan is for another Dominic & Claire work (a spin-off from Sunnyville) called Dominic & Claire Circus. The Kickstarter is set to launch on January 29. From here on, I’m going to be hammering out the planned rewards and constructing the promotional plans to get the word out.

As this blog post goes live, I’m still hammering out the script for the comic. This one will run 24 pages and will have at least two segments originally planned for Dominic & Claire Fun-Size. It is also my intent to introduce more characters. Some of the new characters we’ll meet are Claire’s mother, Dominic’s little sister, Claire’s best friend and a few friends for Dominic.

On Friday, December 27, my mailing list will kick into “high power” mode with weekly updates; make sure you join my list if you didn’t already. There’ll be another post about that list later with something special.

My picture book master plan will continue from now into next year and there’ll be more news about that on my picture book blog so go check there for updates.

That’s it for now. Check back later for some special news on my mailing list.

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Announcing Dominic and Claire Circus on Kickstarter 2020!

Dominic & Claire Circus Teaser

Today, I would like to announce my next Kickstarter project. It is titled “Dominic & Claire Circus”.

Like Dominic & Claire Fun-Size, this will be a digest size comic book. The Kickstarter will launch on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 and will run for about 30 days. The goal this time will be US$1000.

There is a reason for this higher goal this time. If I can raise $800 on my previous one, I can raise a little extra for the next one. While the planned print run is 500 copies, I may do a slight overrun leading to a final printing of anywhere from 520 to 575 copies.

On top of that, the page count will be higher as there will be 24 interior pages and the covers will use a higher quality paper this time. I may be getting a barcode too as I look for micro-distribution this time in a comics shop; that will serve as a stepping stone to get my comics into comic book shops in the future through a distributor.

I will have updates in the future here as I need to work out details, especially for planned rewards. Check back here later for more updates.

Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list if you didn’t yet. And get ready for Dominic & Claire Circus in 2020!

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Toys Expo December 2019 Report

Well, the December 7 Toys Expo in Moorhead Center Mall has come and gone.

Early setting up

There wasn’t that much traffic in the mall today. I am guessing it was because of a local football game (the North Dakota State University Bison were playing). But I did get some customers.

My comics table

I have cut prices on the three Sunnyville trade paperbacks. This fits into my plan; from now until the end of 2020, I plan to liquidate all my existing Sunnyville trade paperbacks. Sometime in 2021 or 2022, it is my aim to crowdfund a brand new version of the Sunnyville books collecting individual comics of mine.

Speaking of crowdfunding, this event has ended and is my final one of the year. From here on, it’s Kickstarter work. But that’s for tomorrow.

That’s it for now. Subscribe to my mailing list today!

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My Picture Book Master Plan

Today, I have something major to talk about. As some of you know, I’ve talked about wanting to illustrate picture books for children. My background in comics makes me PERFECT for this. How so? I draw in a funny style and my style communicates instantly on the page. Those are must-have skills to draw any kind of books for children.

The creation I’ve devised are two red foxes, Hilda and Richie. The concept is that Hilda is a wealthy blue blood living in a far away country in a mansion with Richie, a fox pup and legally adopted by Hilda. I have notes for about three stories with them including a picture book “dummy” (that means a rough draft in picture book jargon). These two characters are a part of the Sunnyville Stories universe. (Eagle eyed readers may have seen them as background characters in a few of my comics.) In fact, I am already planning a comic where Hilda and Richie visit Sunnyville, meeting Rusty and friends. I’ll talk about that later.

What I am planning is something ambitious, something that will require every ounce of skill I have, every bit of effort and lots of careful preparation.

In early 2021, it is my goal to crowdfund a picture book written and illustrated by myself with the aforementioned characters; this would be used to print and publish said work.

I know what some of you are thinking, especially those of you out there critical of my work (you know who you are). You think it is difficult or even outright impossible. There is some risk involved. Even though I’ve had success crowdfunding comic books on Kickstarter, crowdfunding literature of any kind is a challenge. Self-published books of any kind are still looked down upon. The funds that would be required to print up a picture book would be significantly higher. If I were to do this by the seat of my pants in a week or two, failure is guaranteed.

But I’m not doing that. To increase my chance of successfully funding and producing my picture book(s), I have spent some time working out a “master plan”.

The first phase of my master plan is now underway. It was initiated on Thanksgiving Day on November 28, 2019 and will go through the end of January 2020. I have to prepare for the enormous task at hand. I will be refining the characters of Hilda & Richie, developing their setting and also compose story ideas. The publishing industry in general must be researched and understood. What’s more is that I have to understand the niche that is children’s picture books. To that end, I was able to get a book that covers picture books in depth: Writing Children’s Books For Dummies, Second Edition from Wiley Publishing. As the time of this writing, I am reading the book and increasing my chances of success by learning some things I didn’t previously know.

The second phase of my plan will launch in February 2020 and will run through the end of the year. Elements of that phase are building more connections and cultivating fans. Running Kickstarters then (I have at least two and perhaps a third planned) is part of this phase as well. To succeed with raising a bigger amount of funding will require me to understand Kickstarter and the method of getting successfully funded. I must understand this more; lucky for me, I have resources to help. During this phase, outside help is going to be consulted in helping my manuscript improve. You don’t work in comics like I do without meeting all kinds of important people; during this time, I’ve made connections with freelance writers and authors. These people know editors and book doctors. I will be enlisting the services of said individuals to make sure the picture book is of excellent quality.

The third phase of my plan will take place in June 2020 and runs through the end of the year. That will be when I publicly declare the Kickstarter to fund the Hilda & Richie picture book. In addition, the details such as the funding, rewards and timeframe will be developed. To help promote the characters and build up interest for the Kickstarter, I am plotting a crossover with Sunnyville. Sometime in the late spring or early summer, there will be a Kickstarter with a small funding goal; it will be to print a minicomic or produce a digital only comic where Hilda & Richie visit Sunnyville, meeting Rusty and friends. This would help to promote the upcoming Kickstarter for the picture book plus to establish Hilda & Richie as part of the Sunnyville canon.

The fourth and final phase of my master plan is set for January 2020. That will be…the actual Kickstarter itself for the Hilda & Richie picture book. If all goes according to plan, then the Kickstarter will succeed and I can enter the picture book market!

That is my master plan. It is already underway. It is a big challenge but one I am up to.

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