Sunnyville Stories To Finish

Today is the twelfth anniversary of the Sunnyville Stories blog. This blog dedicated to my creation – alternative comic book series Sunnyville Stories – is now 12 years old. It was 12 years ago today that I launched officially.

Today seems like an appropriate day to unveil this news.

I’ve decided that I will be formally ending Sunnyville Stories and will bring the series to a finish.

Now hold on. Before you fans start contacting me with angry rants, please read on.

I can’t go on with this comic forever and I really don’t want to try. I feel like it is time for me to move on. It’s also because I want to move onto other agendas – I’ve found my calling with children’s books. My first two Hilda & Richie books have done okay for me and a third book is planned (with more).

Once Sunnyville Stories ends, this will NOT be the end of our adventures with Rusty & Sam. I may do more comics with them. Plus there’s the spin-off of Dominic & Claire that I plan to draw more.

Now it is time to clarify some more. I am NOT ending the story of Sunnyville right away. My plan is from now through 2024 is to wrap up the series. Not counting the planned redrawing of Sunnyville Stories episode 1, I’m planning six more stories to end everything.

Episode 18 will be titled “the Great Escape” and will be a dramatic story. It involves Rusty lying and sneaking out to Samantha’s birthday party.

Episode 19 will take place immediately after and it’s a rather wacky episode in contrast; the title is “the Ghost in the Machine”. It’s a homage to a favorite episode of mine from the Generation 1 Transformers called Kremzeek! Rusty, Sam and Sam’s little brother Jason have to deal with an energy-based creature that runs loose in town.

Episode 20 has not been titled yet. The plot is going to be a crossover as Dominic will visit Rusty in Sunnyville; that means Sam gets to meet Rusty’s cousins…did I mention Claire will be there too? There’s also the possibility that Hilda and Richie (from my children’s books) might appear in Sunnyville, meeting Rusty and friends. That has not yet been decided.

Episodes 21, 22 and 23 will be a grand finale titled “Change of Address”. I will not reveal what will happen but it is meant to conclude the story.

Stay tuned for more news. I am going to try to have regular updates once more.

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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