101 Ideas for a Comic

In last week’s post, you might recall I suggested ways you can find ideas for a comic.  It can be hard though for some and you might need a boost.  Well, I’ve spent some time creating another list of 101 topics – this time, ideas you can use for a comic.  This list is meant as a starting point.  You can use these as a springboard to come up with your own concepts and twists.  Ready to see the list?  Okay – here it comes.

  1. Someone moves into a new metropolis/town/hamlet they know nothing about.
  2. Thieves steal a valuable antique.
  3. The statue in the town square has a mysterious riddle carved into it.
  4. Miners uncover something while digging.
  5. Someone in town is a thief.
  6. An energy based creature runs amok, wrecking machinery and gadgets.
  7. Villains kidnap the mayor’s children.
  8. A diplomat has to take a dangerous journey to a hostile area.
  9. A haunted house is said to have valuable treasure inside.
  10. Merchants show up, claiming to sell the finest merchandise.
  11. A child wanders out deep into the woods and night is quickly approaching.
  12. Strange noises are coming from the forest late at night.
  13. An innocent man, imprisoned or awaiting execution, pleads for help.
  14. A jealous rival threatens to stop a lover’s wedding.
  15. A hero has to come up with money for a relative’s operation.
  16. On the opening day of a new business, nothing goes right.
  17. An elderly man recounts his adventures in the days of yore.
  18. A girl is taking cupcakes to school but finds she’s one short.
  19. An inventor builds a robot – but the robot starts doing things it’s not supposed to.
  20. Lovers are about to get married – until a long-lost suitor suddenly shows up.
  21. A hero goes on a quest for an ancient artifact.
  22. A suitor gets humiliated in front of a crush.
  23. A people in danger quickly accept a new leader, who’s not what he appears.
  24. A young student has to pass a class – or risk dire punishment.
  25. Family disapproves of a young one’s career choice.
  26. A group of eccentric amateurs enter a local talent contest.
  27. Tourists get caught in a country’s revolution.
  28. A couple has to deal with sudden or pending arrival of a child.
  29. A mythical artifact must be protected – or the world will be plunged into disaster.
  30. The big game is coming up with the odds against the hometown team.
  31. A dishonest merchant seeks to eliminate his competition literally.
  32. A heroic resistance struggles against a seemingly invincible superpower.
  33. Children build a snowman which suddenly comes to life.
  34. A search starts for a friend who disappeared years ago.
  35. A hostile power is constructing a superweapon.
  36. A new family moves in across the street who is very weird.
  37. Someone who’s lived a sheltered life is suddenly thrust out into the world.
  38. A snob publicly insults someone not as financially well off.
  39. Two friends have not spoken in years and a third party intervenes.
  40. A nation under attack sends calls for help from neighboring peoples.
  41. Someone wronged plots revenge against those who hurt him.
  42. Suitors for someone’s hand must win a contest to prove themselves.
  43. A troupe of dancers suddenly starts performing inside a subway station.
  44. A cyborg is dropped onto a hostile planet.
  45. Insane people run around the streets, throwing marshmallows everywhere.
  46. A protagonist enters a boxing match for money against a juggernaut opponent.
  47. A spy has to recover stolen nuclear weapons.
  48. Invaders with superior technology launch a full-scale war on conquest.
  49. A child is born during a strange and/or rare cosmic event.
  50. A city dweller learns outdoor survival skills deep out in the wild.
  51. A country bumpkin comes to a bustling metropolis.
  52. A creature lives under someone’s bed.
  53. A confirmed bachelor encounters someone who’s only desire is to marry them.
  54. It’s the first day for a new student at a distant, exclusive private school.
  55. Foreign creatures are introduced into a new ecosystem.
  56. A child struggles to cope with or resist a harsh disciplinarian.
  57. Someone make a call to a wrong phone number.
  58. A worker constantly is late because of missing the bus all the time.
  59. Someone is bored out of their mind standing on a long, slow-moving line.
  60. A person’s talent gets misused by villains.
  61. It starts to rain food from the sky.
  62. Animals in the nearby woods start to consciously attack human settlements.
  63. A popular food is actually made from something bizarre or disturbing.
  64. A creative genius tries to pitch their work to a big company.
  65. A game turns out to be a tool to recruit and train soldiers for a war.
  66. People get killed so thieves can steal their organs.
  67. The last survivor of an attack must face an enemy alone.
  68. Kids go to a magical land…which looks too good to be true.
  69. A soldier gets offered money to smuggle stolen good into or out of a war zone.
  70. An experienced assassin takes on a challenging target.
  71. Someone recounts a tale of revenge they inflicted on another.
  72. An evangelist tries to convert several atheists.
  73. A mysterious package arrives.
  74. Coconut cream pies become self-aware and attack humanity.
  75. Someone gives birth.
  76. Someone dies.
  77. A narrator talks about why a keepsake is so important.
  78. A pessimist exists amongst a group of optimists.
  79. An optimist hangs out with many pessimists.
  80. A far-fetched conspiracy turns out to be true.
  81. Soldiers find ways to keep busy in peacetime.
  82. An eccentric artist moves to a small remote town that likes its solitude.
  83. Intellectuals get targeted by those in power.
  84. A patient under hypnosis recalls facts of an unsolved mystery.
  85. Famous historical figures switch places.
  86. Technology improves early on in world history.
  87. Survivors pick up the pieces after a big disaster.
  88. Travelers have to endure a land with extremes in temperatures.
  89. An ordinary room in a house turns out to be a gate to another world.
  90. An inventor accidentally creates a cheap, infinite, and clean energy source.
  91. Kids develop a complex machine out of common household objects.
  92. A taxi runs loose throughout town causing havoc.
  93. Someone finds a creature long thought to have been extinct.
  94. Pirates race against each other to attack a treasure fleet.
  95. Rumors about a haunted house turn out to be more than rumors…
  96. Money literally starts growing on trees.
  97. An adventurer is contracted to find a long-lost crypt.
  98. Kids build a laser for a science project at school.
  99. The success of someone’s job rests with their ability to pull off a hard task.
  100. An introvert suffering a personal tragedy moves in with a foster family.
  101. Monkeys wage a sudden war of conquest with purple jaguars.
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