What is this comic and blog all about?

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.  It’s your old friend, Max West, here.  My blog is approaching its very first anniversary.  This blog dedicated to my small press comics series Sunnyville Stories will be one year old on August 1st.  That was the day this blog officially went live.  Some of you have probably been reading this blog for awhile or some of you may just started reading this blog recently.  I bet some of you may be wondering what is this blog all about.  In fact, what is this comic of mine all about?

Episode 2 CoverSunnyville Stories is a small press comics series created, written, and drawn by myself, Max West.

If you like to go by genre, this is considered slice of life.  Sunnyville is a small, remote hamlet that’s surrounded by wilderness as far as the eye can see.  Since this town is pretty isolated, time tends to stand still here.  As a result, many of the townspeople tend to dress traditionally.  Males wear suits while females will wear skirts and dresses.

Max West creating Sunnyville StoriesThe series revolves around two teenagers living in the town of Sunnyville: Rusty Duncan and Sam Macgregor.  In the very first episode of this small press comics series, Rusty Duncan moves to the small town of Sunnyville from his former home in the big city. He’s not particularly keen on moving to the small town…but quickly changes his mind when he meets local girl Sam Macgregor.  The two become fast friends.

From there, the two have various adventures in and around Sunnyville.  This small press comics series has four complete episodes at present, the first one being free.  The other three are currently available for purchase through Indy Planet; just follow the link from the store page.

Episode 1 page 31

As for this blog itself, it’s a self-hosted blog powered by WordPress.  It’s intended to supplement Sunnyville Stories with character biographies and behind-the-scenes looks at how I, Max West, create the series.  I’ll share pencilled comics pages, concept art, videos, and how I do my work.  I’ll also show you to make comics and share some pointers for those of you who are interested in learning to make your own material, especially if they are small press comics.


This blog gets updated twice a week, once on Wednesday and again on Saturday.  You can subscribe via email or RSS feed to this blog too.

If you ever want to get in touch with me or follow me on social media, you can just check out my contact page.

That’s about it for this blog post.  Any questions?  Any comments?  Feel free to ask them here.  Until next time, friends – this is Max West saying goodbye and be sure to read my work Sunnyville Stories.

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About Max West

I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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