Episode 6 Concept Sketches

I’m getting ready for Furfright 2011.  At this time, episode 5 of Sunnyville Stories is at the printers and still being processed.  Some of you may be wondering about the next comic I’m going to do.

The sixth episode of Sunnyville Stories will not be entering production until probably towards the end of this year.  The script in fact only consists of a few sentences!  At present, I’m trying to get ready for Furfright plus I want to work on a business plan so I can turn professional.

A few more characters will be introduced in episode 6.  As for the story itself, it will be titled “Squeeze Play”.  The story involves the Sunnyville Junior Theater Club putting on a play in honor of Sunnyville’s anniversary.  The Junior Theater Club consists of none other than…Rusty, Sam, Margaret, and many of the town’s children.  They’ll be putting on a play of the fairy tale Cinderella.  Now…this wouldn’t be much of a story if they put on the play without any strings attached.

Donna MasonThe character you see here is one of the new ones that will be introduced in episode six.  Her name is Donna Mason, but is known by her students as Ms. Mason.  She’s a young squirrel who is a music teacher at the Sunnyville High School.  She is also the head of the aforementioned theater club.  It is she who chooses Cinderella as their play (after a hilarious session of the students reviewing scripts).  The problem is that Ms. Mason’s job will be at stake.  When Rusty and company learn of this, they vow to wow the whole town with a killer performance so that Ms. Mason can keep her job.  Easier said than done…but that’s all I’m going to reveal.  

Principal CasinoThis will be another character introduced in episode six.  His name is Principal Casino, the head of the high school.

His name will be part of a running gag.  Every time someone sees him, they’ll refer to him by his last name “Casino”.  That in turn will trigger a response from Rusty saying he doesn’t play casino (referring to the card game) and will bring up other card games like poker, rummer, whist, etc.

These designs are taken from my sketchbooks.  I still have another family to design – one who will be debuting in this story.  But that will be for another post.

The story treatment for episode six has been written.  I plan to do the scripts for episodes six, seven, and eight all together.

Stay tuned for more sketches and more news.  In the meantime, subscribe to the RSS feed or through email if you haven’t already.  While you’re at it, check out the store for all kinds of Sunnyville goodies!

Feel free to comment here or ask questions.  You can also get real-time updates of my work and progress on Twitter.  Until next time, my loyal fans!

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