Buffalo Small Press Book Fair, part 2

Picking up from where I left off yesterday, I am now headed home from Buffalo.

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair crowd 2

The Buffalo Small Press Book Fair has been a boon to me. Not only did I get some neat things, but I have acquired valuable insights into the small press book market as well as how bookstores work and what’s its like for a small press creator to sell their work. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s very likely that I’ll be able to sell Sunnyville Stories volume 1 through Amazon and independent bookstores.

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair crowd 3

There were quite a number of small press authors here and independent bookstores friendly to the indy scene such as Rust Belt Books and Talking Leaves – which has the slogan “independent and idiosyncratic since 1971”. I definitely will have to pitch these guys to carry my book. There were handful of comics creators here too, like Caitlin Cass and her creation, Great Moments in Western Civ. This comic was different from anything else out there. Why? Because it is distributed…via mail. Yes, that’s right. It is sent out through snail mail and not through email, blogs, or digitally!

I also have some video of the event, if you want to get a feel for what it was like.

All in all, this event was a boon for me. Oh yes…

Beef on weck sandwich

I did get my beef on weck sandwich. It was just another perk of going to the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair!

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