Scripts for numbers 11 and 12

Work continues on Sunnyville #10 at a slow pace, but it is coming along.  There comes the next phase…the writing.  Once I finish one of Rusty and Sam’s adventures, there’s no time to rest.  I have to start all over again with their next adventure.

Sunnyville Stories episode 11 is going to be titled “The Artful Dodger”.  Much like the eighth story, it’ll be a parent versus child conflict.  Sam’s older brother, Rolf, will be returning and we’ll meet Sam’s cousins too.  They’ll be debuting in this next story.  The theme of the story is intended to be choosing a career.  

Sam’s older cousin, Rachel, attends art school and during her visit with Sam, she brings a catalog of their course offerings.  Rusty learns that this art school offers a degree in animation and promptly announces that he wants to attend here.

Rusty’s mom gets angry.

The twelfth story will be called “The Case of the Crushed Cake”.  This story will be a mystery.  Christina, the youngest daughter of the town bakers, is accused of wrecking a cake that her parents made.  Rusty plays detective and plans to prove she’s innocent.

Only notes and a few lines of typed script exists for these stories.  I hope to work on the typing during the week.

I’ll share those scripts with you in the future as well as finished art as time goes along.  Stay tuned to the blog.

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I am a freelance artist and the creator of Sunnyville Stories, an independent slice-of-life comics series.
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    I heard about rejection from another art-director. Why they turning you down?

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