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Before we kick off this post, I wanted to wish a happy birthday to Andy Price of IDW’s My Little Pony comics series!

Anyway, besides the script for Sunnyville #13, I’ve finished off the script for #12 at last.

Sunnyville script gets typed up

Sunnyville #12 script getting typed

It took some time as I had to make many passes at this script.  

As I was explaining, the prose for this script was written in a first person perspective from Rusty’s viewpoint.  I usually write in a third person perspective.

I have talked about my writing process before but I will repeat it again.  The idea comes first.  I’ll draw from my own experience, but I also look to other sources such as Maple Town (the inspiration for Sunnyville) or other media that I’ve viewed.  Ideas come from anywhere.  Once I have an idea down, I write up a basic story treatment of about two to four handwritten pages.

Handwritten story treatment

This serves as the blueprint for the actual script itself.  This method of writing has always worked for me.

Besides the script (which is now finished), I have to also work on the designs and layouts for Sunnyville Stories Volume 3.  There’s also business matters I have to attend to along with marketing plans.  But that will be for tomorrow’s blog post.

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