Fargo Moorhead Comic Con 2016 Report

It was the first convention of the year for me, but Fargo Moorhead Comic Con was fun.  I also made some valuable connections there.  I’m sure all of you readers will be eager to hear about that.

Fargo Moorhead Comic Con 2016 crowd shot

It’s a small show but it’s the first of 2016 and important for me because I need to promote Sunnyville Stories.  

Fargo Moorhead Comic Con 2016 vendor

I did meet a number of people there.  Besides telling them about Sunnyville and handing out copies of Free Sunnyville (still available!), I met many more talented individuals, some of which I had met at past events.

I met Justin Currie of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Justin is the illustrator of graphic novels such as Cassie and Tonk and Quackers Wants to Fly.  I chatted with him for a bit, talking about digital artwork and ImagineFX magazine.  He did give me a card about his upcoming work titled Rust and Water.

I met local artist Eric Evenson who draws illustrations & cartoons.  While he didn’t have an online presence, he did provide me with one of his flyers.  Anyone who’s interested in cartoons from Eric can write to him at: Eric Evenson, PO Box 1281, Fargo ND 58102.  Also present was Noel “Scotch” Anderson.  He draws for the local newspaper, the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead and I managed to get a copy of his Urban Dinosaurs comic book too.

A very valuable contact I made was for the bookstore An Open Book in the town of Wadena, Minnesota.  I told them about Sunnyville Stories and plan to follow up with them soon; they’ll get mailed samples of my work.

I had a blast at this event; it was much fun.  So in conclusion, how about we close out with some more photos?

Deadpool Cosplayer

Imperial Snowtrooper 501st Legion

Action figure diorama

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