Why Other Kickstarters Succeed

I’ve expressed that I want to do another Kickstarter drive to fund Sunnyville comics.  But I have no intention of doing one until I meet certain conditions.  I need to understand why the first Kickstarter failed.  I also need to learn more from others about crowdfunding.

But it’s not enough to understand why I failed.

It’s not enough to learn everything I can.

Some out there have succeeded and some have had really phenomenal success.  I need to study them, talk to the organizers and understand why they made their goals!  Enter Jason Brubaker.  

Jason Brubaker is the creator of the graphic novels reMIND and Sithrah.  He ran some Kickstarters to fund the printing of these books and met with a resounding success!

To fund the second volume of Sithrah, he sought to raise US$24,000 but made double that amount!  Think this is a fluke?  It’s not.  Jason also raised over US$51,000 for his Sithrah Book 1 campaign when he originally sought 17,000.  He did the same for reMIND and that was a big victory.

What am I trying to say here, fans?

Jason Brubaker did something right.

A big goal in my research and analysis of Kickstarter is to study what Jason did.  His formula for success can give me what I need to have my own winning Kickstarter drive.  Jason does have a Kickstarter channel and I’m reviewing his Kickstarter videos.  To be honest, anyone wanting to learn more about using Kickstarter successfully needs to check these videos out.  Here’s one of them.


Already, I’m taking notes and making a list of whatever I learn about Kickstarter.  Stay tuned to the blog for more information as well as sharing whatever I learn.

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