The Sunnyville That Wasn’t Part 2

Picking up from last time, there’s a lot that was considered when I began to devise the idea of Sunnyville.  The characters of Rusty and Sam were there from the start.  Before doing the townspeople that lived in Sunnyville, I gave thought to the families of our protagonists.  Sam’s family was a challenge because I felt that her own parents should play a role in how her personality should be.

I always intended Sam to be sweet and motherly; this was because her own mother is such and served as a positive role model to her.  When it came to Sam’s older sister, Margaret, I originally had a different idea for her.  

The Margaret in the series now is a far cry from the one I developed originally.  The first incarnation of Margaret Macgregor was going to be a jerk through and through.  Margaret was originally going to be a sitcom arch nemesis for Rusty.  The two were going to frequently get into bouts of swapping insults or taunting each other over the other’s failures.

In fact, Rusty’s first encounter with Margaret was going to be a memorable moment.  Rusty was going to walk in on Margaret naked while she was taking a shower!

In the end, this version of Margaret was eliminated because I didn’t like it.  I did not want Sunnyville to turn into a stereotypical situation comedy.

I’ll have more info to share with you guys next week.

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