Valleycon 2016 Day 3 and Final Report

Well, friends, it’s all over.  Valleycon 2016 has ended.

Valleycon 2016 on Sunday

The final day of the convention didn’t see as much traffic as it had on Saturday.  

Valleycon 2016 Vendor Table by Meagan Brown

One of many Harley Quinns at Valleycon 2016

Lego Star Wars Lambda Shuttle at Valleycon 2016

As for the convention itself overall, you’re probably all eager to hear my thoughts and how it turned out for me.

Sunnyville Stories at Valleycon 2016

Did the event turn out well for me?  My answer is…yes, for the most part.

Some of you are probably wondering about that “for the most part” bit.  I had better sales at this convention than I did at Corecon.  But I still didn’t make all the money with book sales that I had hoped.

The event though still did turn out well.

First, traffic to the blog really went up.  Second, the size of the mailing list doubled!

Third, a set of all three Sunnyville books were donated to Valleycon’s charity auction.  They not only sold, but the auction overall raised plenty of money for charity.  I even got to meet the buyers of my books from the auction!

Fourth, I made very valuable connections.  I’ve met not one but TWO people who may want me to give some talks to school students.  I got a hot tip about a local record label right here in Fargo – one of the things I’ve always wanted to do is to illustrate an album cover.  Some leads on other events – both here in North Dakota and over in neighboring Minnesota – were generated too.  Besides conventions, the possibility of selling at book fairs and craft shows is being examined.

Valleycon may not have been a total financial success, but even then, today both the people of Sunnyville and myself came out as big winners.

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